What is the Role of Media in a Democracy?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Role of Media in Democracy has always been significant as the media is the fourth pillar of democracy. It is the only way to receive all current events or updates on a national or international scale. The media brings us news from all over the world and keeps us up to date.

Role of Media in Democracy

Media not only provides updates but also discusses major issues affecting the world and the country in order to raise awareness among citizens. The media in a democracy is basically the channel through which all the political information is also communicated on the basis of which the present-day voters decide who to vote for.

  • Media plays a large role in uncovering or exposing the harsh facts and reality out in the world for everyone to witness.
  • They expose criminals and wrongdoers and ensure justice is met.
  • The media people also contribute majorly to identifying the modern-day problems in our society and working towards eradicating them actively.
  • Political parties now have the ability to contact a huge number of people and inform them on crucial matters ranging from policies to elections, thanks to the media.
  • The media can be viewed as a facilitator of democracy; more educated citizens would result in a more legitimate government.

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