What is the Need and Importance of PIL?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Need and Importance of PIL are to defend the rule of law, advance the cause of justice, and accelerate the fulfillment of constitutional goals. PIL (Public Interest Litigation) is vital in assisting in the meaningful implementation of fundamental rights and providing adequate access to justice for the socially and economically disadvantaged segments of society.

Need of PIL

The term “public interest litigation” was borrowed from American law, which established the practice to provide legal representation to those who did not have it previously.

These include the disadvantaged, members of racial minorities, unorganized consumers, and individuals who are concerned about environmental issues. There is no definition of PIL in any law or regulation.

Importance of PIL

  • Judges have taken this to mean taking into account the aim of the general public.
  • Through judicial activism, the courts have granted the whole public this power.
  • However, the petitioner must persuade the judge that the petition is being submitted in the public interest rather than as a waste of time by a busybody.


What is the Need and Importance of PIL?

The need and importance of PIL can be highlighted by the fact that it protects the rule of law, aids in the meaningful realization of fundamental rights, and provides proper access to justice for people who are socially and economically excluded in society. Maintaining the rule of law, advancing the cause of justice, and expediting the achievement of constitutional goals all rely on public interest litigation (PIL).

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