Explain the Evolutionary Theory of Origin of State

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

According to the Evolutionary Theory of the Origin of the State, State is the product of history. It was formed by social evolution. This theory tells us that the state was formed as a result of several social circumstances and it reached its present form through the process of evolution.

Evolutionary Theory of Origin of State

The evolutionary theory of the origin of the state is as follows:

  • The family established the first section in the process of the state’s evolution.
  • As a result of family multiplication, new families emerged, as did clans and tribes.
  • Religion provided the bond of unity in ancient society.
  • The ancient people created the state to protect their property.
  • Physical force was used to expand kingdoms and empires.

Who Presented the Evolution Theory?

Darwin proposed the evolutionary theory. The evolution of life from non-life, according to Darwin’s theory, emphasizes a purely naturalistic approach. All life is related and descended from a common ancestor, according to the Theory of Evolution.

Evolutionary theory of State Factors

Five factors are responsible for affecting the Evolutionary theory of State. Keep these five factors in mind while studying or doing research about the topic.

  • Kinship
  • Magic and Religion
  • War and force
  • Property and Rise of Economy classes
  • Consciousness of Politics

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