What is the Oxygen Cycle and Why is it Important?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The oxygen cycle is a biological process that works through the earth’s three main spheres namely the Atmosphere, Lithosphere, and Biosphere. This biogeochemical cycle shows how oxygen gas moves through the atmosphere, ecosystem, biosphere, and lithosphere. The oxygen cycle is linked to the carbon cycle.

Definition of Oxygen Cycle

The oxygen cycle is crucial for maintaining the environment’s concentration and oxygen level. Despite being necessary for life, some anaerobic bacteria may be toxic to oxygen. The oxygen cycle starts when plants engage in photosynthesis in sunlight.

As a result of breathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, humans and animals breathe oxygen into their lungs and return it to the atmosphere. Then the process goes back to the plants.

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Importance of Oxygen Cycle

Oxygen Cycle is impossible to overstate the significance of oxygen in our lives. No living thing on this planet could survive without oxygen. Because of this, the oxygen cycle helps us in our effort to maintain the level of oxygen on this planet.

  • For breathing, oxygen is a necessity for all living things.
  • When plants and animals pass away, they degrade. As a result of this process, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.
  • Metals rust as a result of this process, also known as oxidation. Another activity that depletes oxygen.
  • Combustion is the process that creates fire, and it also needs oxygen in addition to heat and fuel.
  • In addition to depleting oxygen, this process releases carbon dioxide into the environment.


What is the Oxygen Cycle and Why is it Important?

The oxygen cycle is important as it is a biological activity moving through the planet’s three spheres and helps keep the oxygen level stable. Different gases, including nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), argon, and other trace gases (1%), make up the atmosphere’s air.

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