Which Indian State is Largest Producer of Coal?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The largest coal producing state in India is Jharkhand, followed by Odisha and Chhattisgarh. In this state, there are approximately 83.15 billion tonnes of coal reserves. India ranks fifth among the nations with the largest coal reserves in the world, and with a production of 761 million metric tonnes, it is the second-largest coal producer in the world behind China.

Largest Coal Producing State in India

The sedimentary rock known as coal is combustible and is formed as rock strata known as coal seams. The main elements in coal are hydrogen, sulphur, oxygen, and nitrogen, with varying amounts of other elements. Dead plant matter decomposes into peat, which is then transformed into coal by heat and pressure from deep burial over millions of years.

The state of Jharkhand produces the most coal in India, with a total reserve of about 83.15 billion tonnes. In India, coal is a highly valued and significant fossil fuel that provides nearly 60% of the country’s basic energy needs. Moreover, the city that produces the maximum amount of coal in India is Dhanbad.

List of Top 5 Coal Reserves in India

View the following table to see the top five coal reserves in India:

Rank State Quantity of Coal Reserves (in billion tonnes)
1 Jharkhand 83.15
2 Odisha 79.3
3 Chattisgarh 57
4 West Bengal 31.670
5 Madhya Pradesh 28

Are you wondering what makes coal so precious? Well, it is because coal is a fossil fuel that produces energy that can fulfill a nation’s energy needs. Furthermore, the consumption of coal is expected to rise in the coming year due to the world’s population increase.

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