What is the Meaning of Mansabdars?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Mansabdars were the province governors, important civil and military officers, and military commanders. Mughal Emperor Akbar first adopted the technique. Mansab is an Arabic term that denotes rank or status. The Mansabdar was a military division within the Akbar-established Mughal Empire’s governmental system. As a result, the system determined a government official’s rank as well as the ranks of other military generals.

Meaning of Mansabdars and their Role

The King himself appointed the Mansabdars under the Mansabdari system. Here are some important points regarding the Mansabdars:

  • In Akbar’s Mansabdari system, the Mansabdars were high civil and military officials, provincial governors, and military commanders.
  • The king had direct power over the nobles under this arrangement. In exchange for their efforts, he granted them the right to a jagir, or revenue allocations (rather than actual land).
  • Each civil and military officer received a “Mansab,” which may be increased by ten, and different numbers were used for higher officers.
  • It also determined the pay and perks for the officers.
  • Despite the fact that there were only 33 Mansabs, Abu’l Fadl named 66 Mansabdar grades.
  • During Akbar’s early rule, the lowest grade was 10, and the highest was twelve thousand.
  • Higher Mansabs were awarded to princes and Rajput rulers who recognized the emperor’s suzerainty.


What is the Meaning of Mansabdars?

Mansabdars were military commanders in addition to senior civil and military officers. The technique was first adopted during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Manasabadar is a term used to describe someone in a position of responsibility within a government.

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