What is the Meaning of Administrative Tribunal?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The meaning of Administrative Tribunals refers to the quasi-judicial institutions that resolve disputes concerning public servant recruitment and service conditions. An Administrative Tribunal is neither solely judicial nor solely administrative, but rather a hybrid of the two.

Administrative Tribunal in India

Article 323A authorizes Parliament to establish Administrative Tribunals to hear disputes and complaints about the recruitment and working conditions of government employees in the Central and State governments. Such tribunals must be established at the federal and state levels separately for each state or for two or more states.

  • In pursuance of the provisions in Article 323A, Parliament passed the Administrative Tribunal Act, 1985, providing for all the matters falling within clause(1) of Article 323-A.
  • According to this Act, every state must have a Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) at the center and a State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) at the state level.
  • When compared to regular courts, they provide more flexibility. They are less expensive and provide quicker justice.
  • The Tribunals’ procedure is the simplest and most straightforward.
  • They provide relief to the regular courts, which are already overburdened with various suits.

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