What is the Important Factor in Oral Communication?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

In oral communication, how you deliver your message to someone is the most important factor. Communication is useless if a person does not understand your message. Oral communication is also known as face-to-face communication, and it is an effective way to understand one’s attitude and behavior.

Oral Communication

Oral communication is the spoken sharing of ideas and information. Direct face-to-face contact may occur, as well as through the use of an electronic device such as a phone, video platform, or radio. Oral communication in settings like staff meetings, webinars, and workshops is the most efficient way for organizations to convey information verbally.

When direct communication is needed, or the communication is of a transitory nature, oral communication is often recommended. Building rapport and trust requires face-to-face contact (meetings, lectures, conferences, interviews, etc.).

Factor of Oral Communication

There are Some of the important factors of Oral Communication given below,

  • Speaking with confidence
  • Straight talking
  • Listening
  • Be clear and concise
  • Non-verbal communication cues
  • Good listener
  • Varying your vocal tone


What is the Important Factor in Oral Communication?

The important factor of oral communication is that a sender should always transmit their information in simple language and avoid technical words so that a receiver can easily understand the message and give feedback on time.

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