What is the Actual Meaning of Medical Term of BDAC, BDPC, etc?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Actual Meaning of the Medical Terms BDAC, and BDPC is twice a day before meals and twice a day post meals, respectively. ODPC is once a day post meals and TDPC is thrice a day post meals. The acronyms BDAC, BDPC, etc., are used by doctors when they write prescriptions for medications.

Meaning of Medical Term of BDAC, BDPC

The human body is described in detail using medical terminology, including all of its functions, parts, conditions that may affect it, and procedures that are carried out on it. In the medical industry, terms related to medicine are used.

The same suffixes and prefixes are used to give meaning to various roots in medical terms, giving them a fairly regular structure. The term primarily refers to a tissue, organ, or condition. For instance, the prefix “hyper-” denotes “high” or “excessive” in the condition known as hypertension, and the root word “tension” refers to pressure.

The word “hypertension” describes extremely high blood pressure. Roots, suffixes, and prefixes are often of Latin or Greek origin and often differ greatly from English variants. This morphology means that after a reasonable number of morphemes are learned, it becomes simple to understand the highly precise concepts that these morphemes consist of. Many medical terms are anatomical terms that name different body parts. It is the terminology used to appropriately represent the human body, including all of its functions, parts, treatments, and environmental factors.

Full Form of BDAC, BDPC

  • BDAC stands for Bis Die Ante Cibum, which means before meals twice a day.
  • BDPC stands for Bis Die Post Cibum, which means after meals twice daily.
  • ODPC stands for Once a Day Post Meal.
  • TDPC stands for Thrice a Day Post Meals


What is the Actual Meaning of the Medical Term of BDAC, BDPC, etc.?

The terms used in medicine BDAC and BDPC mean twice a day before meals, and twice a day post meals, respectively. These terms refer to the human body and explain its components, processes, environmental influences, and medical interventions.

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