What is the Difference Between Interactive Mode and Script Mode?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The difference between script mode and interactive mode is that in script mode a user works with multiple lines of code and in interactive mode, a user executes a single line of code or a single block of code. Interactive mode is not advised if one needs to write a substantial amount of Python code or if the Python script spans multiple files. You write your code in script mode and save it as a text file with extension.

Difference Between Interactive Mode and Script Mode

Script Mode: In script mode, you write your code in a ‘.py’ file and then use the python command to execute it. Because Python allows you to write and save your code so that you can use it again in the future, this is the most popular way that people use it.

  • It is a fantastic method for automating procedures and running commands on a distant server.
  • Using script mode, you can create files that, when executed, will execute specific commands.
  • There may be significant advantages to setting up a development environment or automating processes.
  • Adopting script mode, however, has some serious disadvantages. First of all, if a script issue occurs, it can be difficult to resolve.
  • Second, if you are not familiar with scripting languages, creating a script that achieves your objectives can be difficult.
  • Scripts can also be slow because each command must be executed in order.

Interactive Mode: Using succinct and effective single-line commands, interactive mode enables you to quickly analyse and visualise data. When using the Enter key in interactive mode, commands entered at the IDL prompt are carried out.

  • A command-line shell in “interactive mode” runs previously fed statements in “active memory” while providing immediate feedback for each statement.
  • The fed programme is assessed both individually and as a whole as new lines are fed into the interpreter.
  • Playing around and experimenting with different syntax is encouraged in interactive mode.


What is the Difference Between Interactive Mode and Script Mode?

The major difference between interactive mode and script mode is that in interactive mode commands are typed and immediately executed; in script mode, commands are placed in a file (a script), which is then run by Python.

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