What is not an Integral Part of the Government? (a) Office of the Prime Minister (b) Legislature (c) Executive (d) Judiciary

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The office of the Prime Minister is not an integral part of the Government. The Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary are integral parts of the Government. The constitution confers authority to the prime minister, parliament, and supreme court, respectively; these three government branches make up the majority of the Union government.

Integral Part of the Government

The Prime Minister’s Office is not an Integral Part of the government. On the contrary, the other three options, judiciary, legislature, and executive, are critical to the functioning of the government.

  • As for the Legislative, it creates laws and regulations in addition to examining the government and its policies. The fact that the executive is held accountable to the legislature under our constitution confirms the executive’s authority.
  • As for the executive, President, or Governor, the Union and State Council of Ministers, and the government make up the executive. It has the authority to adopt and carry out significant legislative decisions.
  • As for Judiciary, a court’s ruling on how to interpret and implement the law. To enable citizens to settle disputes peacefully, the first legal systems were created. It mostly interprets and applies the law, but in some systems, it also has the power to make new laws.


What is Not an Integral Part of the Government?

The integral part of the Government does not include the office of the Prime Minister. Social security, social welfare, border difficulties, and fostering peace are all important aspects of government. Hence, the Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary are considered integral parts of the Government, without which it cannot function.

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