James Mill divided Indian history into Three Periods – Hindu, Muslim, and Christian. State whether True or False. (a) True (b) False

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

James Mill divided Indian history into three periods, namely Hindu, Muslim, and Christian, which have been widely accepted. The answer is True. Scottish economist and political philosopher James Mill released his massive three-volume work ‘A History of British India’ in 1817. He divided Indian history into the Hindu, Muslim, and Christian eras in this.

Division of History of India by James Mill

James Mill was well-known and respected, but his reputation is based on two historical events. The first is that John Stuart Mill, his son, rose to greater fame than his father. The second is that the senior Mill worked alongside Jeremy Bentham, whose reputation outshone that of his own.

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The main objective is to consider Mill, a separate thinker by attempting to separate him from the two shadows. James Mill was a Scottish economist and political philosopher. History is divided into different periods to capture the central features and the characteristics of the time. Ideas about the past are reflected by defining history in different periods.

  • James Mill believed that to ensure the enlightenment and happiness of Indians, the British must take control of the entire territory of India.
  • He thought the British could civilize India by introducing institutions, laws, arts and European manners.
  • According to James Mill, Indian society was dominated by caste taboos, religious intolerance, and superstitions, and it felt that Hindu and Muslim despots ruled India before the British came to India.
  • James Mill felt that European civilization was superior when compared to all societies of Asia.


James Mill divided Indian history into three periods – Hindu, Muslim, and Christian. State whether true or false. (a) True (b) False

“James Mill divided Indian history into three periods Hindu, Muslim, Christian” is a true statement. In 1817, Political Philosopher and Economist James Mill from Scottish published his three-volume work A History of British India.

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