Body Talk is also Known as?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Body Talk is also known as Physical Communication. It is non-verbal communication in which the recipient receives information from the body. The recipient shares the response after processing the data. It is a short-distance communication in which both the sender and the receiver must be present. This includes facial expressions, gestures, and visual symbols. Communication is the transfer of information from one location to another via a medium. Communication can take three forms: verbal, non-verbal, and written.

What is Body Talk called?

Communication is the process of conveying one’s views to another. Body parts are used to express what one wishes to say in Body Talk. Another person’s eyes are used to observe our behaviors in this case. That is why Body Talk is often referred to as Physical Communication.

It is significant in numerous cultures when eating and performing certain duties. It is now employed for medical purposes by a variety of organizations and clinicians. Body Talk allows you to save energy for more vital duties.

Importance of Body Talk

Being able to speak and listen is important in physical communication. The following are the importance of body talk or physical communication:

  • Understanding and using signs and gestures is a necessary ability in sports.
  • When addressing audiences, motivational speakers, counselors, and public relations officers use physical communication abilities.
  • Physical communication is used extensively in the mining and construction industries.
  • Great orators use their physical communication skills to capture the attention of their audience.

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