What is Lokayukta and What are its Functions?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Lokayukta is given to a Government official who is appointed by the State Government and serves as a Parliamentary Ombudsman. A Lokayukta is expected to represent the people’s best interests. In the event of an appointment, the Lokayukta Act must be passed in the respective State Legislature, and a person of respectable background and reputation must be nominated for the position.

Lokayukta Definition

Since the sustainability of any government in a democracy depends on the trust created between the public and the public institutions, it becomes necessary to hold the public functionaries accountable for their actions. This is where a Lokayukta comes in.

A Lokyakuta is appointed by the State Governments in order to look into the complaints or allegations made by the public against certain Government officials or politicians. Since the Lokayukta cannot be removed by the government once it has appointed them and must first pass an impeachment motion by the state assembly, their appointment serves as a potent deterrent to corruption and poor governance of the political system.

Functions of Lokayukta

A few other functions of a Lokayukta are:

  • A Lokayukta is given the responsibility of quick redressal of the grievances made by the public against government officials and politicians. These allegations include corruption charges or misuse of power etc.
  • If referred by the State Government, Lokayukta needs to investigate the charges laid against any official or politician.
  • A Lokayukta even has the power to raid the offices and houses of any corrupt officials operating at the state level.

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