What is Article 244?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Article 244 of the Indian Constitution deals with the administration of scheduled areas and scheduled tribal regions. Article 244 (A) was brought up for Autonomous state demand in tribal areas in the 22nd constitutional amendment by the Congress government in 1969. It enacted a law creating an autonomous State within the State of Assam and giving that State a legislature, a council of ministers, or both, along with any other powers and responsibilities that the law may have defined, as well as establishing the autonomous State.

Article 244 in the Constitution of India

The primary purpose of this article is to uphold the traditions, customs, and means of subsistence of the tribal areas of Assam. Hence, it aims to ensure that the people in these communities don’t feel isolated and can be proud of their cultural identities.

It consists of the following Article 244 provisions:

  • Article 244 (1): the provisions of the Fifth Schedule shall apply to the control and administration of the Scheduled Areas in any state specified in Part A or Part B of the First Schedule other than the State of Assam.
  • Article 244(2): The provisions of the Sixth Schedule will apply to the administration of the tribal areas in the Assam state
  • The 22nd amendment further amended Article 275 regarding grants and sums payable to the Autonomous state from and on its formation under article 244 (A).
  • Articles 244 (1) and Article 275 (1) belong to the Sixth Schedule, as mentioned above.
  • This clause permits more political autonomy and decentralized governance in a few northeastern tribal councils, which the state’s already-elected officials run.


What is Article 244?

Article 244 of the Indian Constitution addresses the management of scheduled tribal and scheduled areas. The 22nd amendment to the constitution, passed in 1969 by the Congress government, established Article 244 (A) to address the demand for an autonomous state in tribal areas.

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