What Causes Endogenic Processes?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Endogenic Processes are caused by the energy that emerges from the earth’s interior. Endogenic movements can also be divided into up and down movements. Endogenous or continent-forming movements are those that form continents. Because they move along the radius of the Earth, they are often called radial motion.

They can migrate in one of two directions: uplift or sink towards the center. With little folding and long-wavelength waves (wavy surfaces), they cause upheavals or depressions in the land. A well-known example of this type is the current drainage divide between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers in southern Africa.

Causes of Endogenic Processes

The two primary types of Earth movements are cataclysmic and sudden movements. Endogenic motions are ultimately driven by heat from within the Earth. This energy comes from a variety of sources, including radiation, tidal friction, and the initial heat from the creation of the world.

Various causes of Endogenic processes are as follows-

  • The lithosphere experiences dystrophism and volcanism as a result of the energy produced by the geothermal gradient and internal heat flux.
  • Dystrophism refers to any process that moves, enlarges, or makes up a portion of the Earth’s crust.
  • Volcanism involves the transport of molten rock (magma) to or from the Earth’s surface, along with the eruption of many intrusive and ejected volcanic forms.
  • Much of Earth’s internal heat is generated by gravity, resulting in a pressure gradient and radioactive decay, which accounts for 50% of it.
  • The energy released by the geothermal gradient and internal heat flow causes dystrophism and volcanism in the lithosphere.
  • Because of differences in internal heat flux and geothermal gradient, strength, and crustal thickness, endogenous forces act unequally.
  • As a result, the original, tectonically controlled crustal surface is not uniform.
  • Endogenic movements are brought about by the movement of lithospheric plates (crust and upper mantle), which are driven by convection currents in the mantle.

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