What are the Types of Questions asked in the Question Hour?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The types of questions asked in the question hour are starred, unstarred, and short-notice questions. Question hour is held in both houses during the first hour of each parliamentary sitting. It is held every day of the session. There are two days, however, when an exception is made.

Types of Questions Asked in the Question Hour

As mentioned above starred questions, unstarred questions, and short-notice questions are asked in the question hour.

  • Starred Questions: The questions for which an oral answer is expected are called starred questions. Supplementary questions can be asked by the member.
  • Unstarred Questions: Unstarred questions are those for which a written response is expected. The member may not ask any additional questions.
  • Short Notice Questions: Short notice questions are those on matters of urgent public importance that are asked with less than ten days’ notice. Oral responses are possible to questions. The member may ask additional questions.

Recent Changes in the Question Hour

There have been certain changes in the way things will be carried out during the Question Hour such as the following:

  • The minister will now be given a 15-day notice period to respond to a question in Parliament.
  • The notice period used to be 10 days minimum and 21 days maximum.
  • In the event of a member’s absence on the day their name was called, the Speaker now has the authority to direct answers to a starred question asked by that member.
  • A member is now required to make a statement in the House correcting an earlier response, regardless of whether the response was to a star, unstarred, or short-notice question.
  • A member can now ask up to ten questions per day, either starred or unstarred.

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