What are Joint Parliamentary Committees?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Joint Parliamentary Committees are established in the Indian Parliament, to discuss specific bills or to look into things like financial irregularities. These committees are composed of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members. A Joint Parliament committee (JPC) is a temporary organization formed to consider a specific issue for a predetermined amount of time.

Joint Parliamentary Committees

When a motion is approved by one house and supported or accepted by the other house, a joint parliamentary committee is created. The two presiding chiefs of both houses may write to one another, communicate with one another, and then form the joint parliamentary committee as a second method of formation.

  • To mention a few, committees were formed in 2001 for stock market scams and in 2003 for the pesticide residues in soft drinks.
  • The government moved the motion in the Lok Sabha. The terms of reference included fixing responsibilities, identifying loopholes, and making suitable recommendations.
  • The JPC recommendations have value but are not binding upon the government. The government may accept it or launch a fresh investigation based on the report.
  • The government must report on the follow-up action based on which the committee submits the action taken report in the Parliament.
  • The reports are discussed in Parliament.

JPC Full Form

JPC full form is Joint Parliamentary Committee. Such a committee is established by the Parliament with the purpose of inspecting a particular bill which has been presented in the Parliament. It is also vested with the responsibility of looking into the cases of financial inconsistencies within the government system.

A Joint Parliamentary Committee is an ad-hoc organization. It is created with a specific goal in mind which is time-bound. Once the purpose is solved, and the detailed report is submitted to the Parliament, the committee (JPC) is dissolved.


What is JPC?

JPC is the abbreviation used for Joint Parliamentary Committee. It is appointed by the Parliament by passing a motion in both the houses of the Parliament. One of the houses passes the motion and the other house has to accept the same. This committee is a short-term project which is dissolved once the purpose is achieved.

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