What are the Major Causes of Conflicts Over Water?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Major Causes of Conflicts Over Water include inadequate water supply, dependence on one water source, high population, modernization, poor relations between countries, etc. Different regions of the world are facing different types of water conflicts. Water conflicts are not only caused by drought but also due to various challenges in water supply, lack of requirements in fractures, and various factors.

Major Causes of Conflicts Over Water

The major causes of conflicts over water in the world can be due to these below-mentioned factors:

  • Water allocation between different states
  • Inadequate water supply and low rainfall
  • Urbanization and high population growth
  • Industrialization and Modernization
  • Poor relationship between two groups
  • Excess withdrawal by a state
  • Lack of necessary infrastructure

What is Water Conflict?

The conflict between various states, countries, or groups for the right to use resources of water is referred to as Water conflict. According to the United Nations, water conflicts are against the interests of public or private water users. There are rarely any traditional wars fought for water alone.

In history also, water had been a source of stress and triggered other causes. This has been a factor in the conflicts to come. Water conflict starts due to various reasons such as resource disputes, territorial disputes, strategic advantages, etc.

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