What are the Features of a Plateau?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The feature of Plateau is that it has a large elevated area on its top. Plateaus contain the majority of the world’s mineral resources, and rivers that flow along their edges create waterfalls. Large grassland areas on plateaus also make them suitable for animal farming. Every continent has at least one plateau, which is a flat, elevated landform that rises above the surroundings on at least one side.

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Features of Plateau

The largest plateau in India is the Deccan Plateau. A triangular landmass known as the Deccan Plateau is located south of the Narmada River. While the Mahadev, the Kaimur Hills, and the Maikal range make up its eastern extensions, the Satpura range flanks its broad base in the north. Plateau takes up a third of the land on Earth. Plateau is one of the major landforms including plains, mountains, and hills.

The Features of Plateau are as follows:

  • Plateau has an elevated area on its top.
  • Plateaus have one or more sides with steep slopes.
  • The height of Plateaus often varies from a hundred meters to several thousand meters.
  • Plateaus can be old or young.
  • Deccan Plateau is one of the oldest Plateaus in India.
  • Tibet Plateau is the highest Plateau in the world.
  • Most of the minerals like gold, iron, diamond, etc found in Plateau.
  • The higher parts of the Plateaus have cool climates in both tropical and subtropical regions.
  • Plateaus have large grassland areas which makes them suitable for animal rearing.

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