What are the Different Types of Party Systems?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The different types of party systems are the One-party system, two-party system, and multi-party system. There are three different types of party systems, each reflecting different forms of governance in the country. But how to differentiate between a one-party and a two-party system? A complete explanation of the different types of party systems is given below.

Different Types of Party Systems

The different types of Party Systems in India and the key difference between them have been elaborated on in the table below:

Party System Number of Contesting Parties Features of the System Countries with such a party system
One-Party System 1 Only one party is allowed to form the government. China
Two-Party System 2 There can be more than two parties but only two major political parties have a chance to compete against each other to form the government. US and UK
Multi-Party System More than 2 Several parties compete against each other to win votes and form a government. Parties get a chance to form government independently or in alliance with other parties. India

Types of Party – One-Party, Two-Party and Multi-party Systems

There is no competition in a one-party system. Here, the only party nominates the candidates, and the voters have only two choices. The power shifts between two major, dominant parties in a two-party system. Three or more parties can control the government individually or form a Coalition Government in a multi-party system.

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