What are the Main Causes of Earthquake?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Main Causes of Earthquakes are the Movement of Tectonic Plates, Volcanic Eruptions, Underground Explosions, Induced Quaking (Human Activities), etc. Apart from these, earthquakes can be caused by a number of geological factors, natural phenomena, and human activity. An earthquake occurs when two sections of the earth suddenly slide behind each other. The surface on which they slide is called the fault or fault plane.

Main Causes of Earthquake

Find more details about the different types of earthquakes and what causes them here:

Type Cause
Tectonic Earthquake The movement of tectonic plates is a geological fault that causes the earth’s crust to break, resulting in an earthquake.
Volcanic Earthquake Volcanic activities can cause disruptions on the earth’s surface, causing shifts in the tectonic plates, and resulting in earthquakes.
Collapse Earthquake Human activities such as mining, tunnel, construction, etc. can produce seismic waves, which can cause earthquakes.
Explosion Earthquake The force that releases when a nuclear or chemical device is launched can cause earthquakes.

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What are Earthquakes?

Earthquakes can occur in intensity, which is so weak that they cannot be felt, that is violent enough to carry objects and people into the air and wreak havoc on entire cities. It is the movement of the Earth’s surface that produces seismic waves as a result of the sudden release of energy in the Earth’s lithosphere.

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