What are the 3 Main Characteristics of the Paleolithic Age?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The three main characteristics of the Paleolithic Age were their nomadic style of living, depending on their natural surroundings for survival, and the usage of hard and rough stones to make tools. The Paleolithic Age lasted until around 8000 B.C. Men in the Paleolithic Age made tools out of a hard rock called ‘Quartzite.’ As a result, they were given the moniker “Quartzite men.”

Main Characteristics of the Paleolithic Age

The development of the human race actually began at this very age. The Paleolithic Age could basically be divided into three eras, namely: The Lower, Middle, and Upper Paleolithic ages. The Main Characteristics of the Paleolithic Age were:

  • People in the Paleolithic Age relied primarily on stone tools, weapons, and equipment.
  • Their preferred way of life was nomadic. Men were known to be hunters, whereas women were known to be gatherers.
  • Men in the Upper Paleolithic Age were known to create art forms like wall carvings and paintings.
  • Men lived in open areas, caves, or shelters made of rocks and stones during the Paleolithic period.

The lower Paleolithic era is established in Indian states such as Punjab, Kashmir, and Rajasthan. Everyone knows that humans were hunters during the Paleolithic period, and they used to hunt for food wherever they could find it.

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