What are Mango Showers?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Mango showers refer to the pre-monsoon showers that help in the ripening of mangoes in the southern regions of India. Mango showers are a common occurrence in some of India’s southern states. However, the majority of people are unaware of what mango showers are. In states like Kerala, Karnataka, Konkan, and Goa, it is the pre-monsoon showers or rainfall that aid in the ripening process of mangoes. These rains typically fall in April and stop mangoes from dropping too early.

Mango Showers in India

Pre-monsoon rainfall is referred to as mango showers in colloquial language. These downpours are occasionally referred to as “April rains” or “Summer showers” in a general sense. The majority of South and Southeast Asia, including India and Cambodia, are notable for them.

  • These showers are referred to as “Mango Showers” in some regions and “Cherry Blossoms” in others because they aid in the mango crop and the flowering of coffee plants, respectively.
  • Furthermore, mango showers are extremely important for the farmers or mango cultivators in the South of India.
  • These summer rains are also referred to as Kal Baisakhi in Bengal and Coffee showers or Cherry blossom showers in Kerala.


What are Mango Showers?

The pre-monsoon showers that aid in the ripening of mangoes in Karnataka, Kerala, Konkan, and Goa are called Mango Showers. They go by other names, such as summer showers or April rains. Storms over the Bay of Bengal are what caused the Mango Showers.

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