Kimberley is Famous for

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Kimberley is popular for Diamonds mines. It is the capital city of South Africa’s Northern Cape Province. De Beers diamond company was set up by Rhodes in the early days of the mining town. It was the Eureka Diamond that was found in South Africa first. When it was first discovered, it weighed 21.25 carats (4.250 g), but was later reduced to a 10.73-carat (2.146 g) cushion-shaped brilliant, which is now on display at the Mine Museum in Kimberley.

Why Kimberley is Famous?

The provincial capital of South Africa’s Northern Cape is Kimberley. It is well-known for its deep, manually dug Big Hole diamond mine and other 19th-century diamond mines. The Kimberley Mine Museum, which is close by and recreates the town in its heyday, showcases jewelry and uncut diamonds.

Kimberley City was established on 5 July 1873. It had the first stock exchange in Africa in 1881. The total area of this city is 164.3 km2 and the total population is around 225,160. The people of Kimberley follow various religions like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.

  • The city houses Museums, Monuments, and Memorials such as McGregor Museum, Big Hole, Kimberley Africana Library, William Humphreys Art Gallery, Freddie Tate Museum, Honoured Dead Memorial, Cape Police Memorial, etc.
  • Apart from this, the people of this city are involved in different kinds of sports like Cricket, Football, Rugby, Swimming, Cycling, Skateboarding, etc.
  • The eastern city of Kimberley is well-known for its history of diamond mining and continues to be a hub for diamond mining and cutting.
  • Nearly all of the manganese mined in South Africa is produced in the Northern Cape province.


Kimberley is Famous for

The popularity of Kimberley is due to its diamond mines, especially the Big Hole diamond mine. It serves as the provincial capital of South Africa’s Northern Cape. In the early years of the mining town, Rhodes founded the De Beers diamond company. The Eureka Diamond was the first to be discovered, in South Africa.

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