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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Sociology Optional Syllabus is considered short, concise, and easier to comprehend as compared to other optional subjects. Candidates having Sociology as their optional subject must analyze its curriculum in detail and understand the topics to be covered. It is advised to go through the detailed Sociology syllabus for UPSC and the topics covered under each section to prepare for the exam effectively.

The Sociology Optional Syllabus overlaps with the GS Paper 1 in UPSC Mains (Indian Society Part) and helps in preparing for GS 2, GS 3, and Essay Paper. We have provided Sociology Syllabus PDF that would help you to keep a check on your preparation level and sail through the exam smoothly. In this article, we have covered the complete UPSC Sociology Optional Syllabus for both paper 1 and paper 2.

UPSC Sociology Optional Syllabus

According to the latest UPSC exam pattern, the two optional papers put up questions from the Sociology Optional Syllabus and account for 500 marks. Therefore, aspirants must choose their optional subject wisely as it can improve their overall score exponentially. There are 26 optional subjects for UPSC, one of which is Sociology. Candidates who have sociology as their optional subject must understand the scope and depth of each topic to excel in the UPSC Mains exam.

The sociology optional syllabus is divided into two papers: Paper 1 and Paper 2. Each paper carries a weightage of 250 marks, and the total marks of the optional paper is 500. While Paper 1 covers various aspects of the fundamentals of Sociology, Paper 2 is about Indian Society. Tabulated below is a brief overview of the Sociology Optional Syllabus.

Sociology Syllabus for UPSC Topics
UPSC Sociology Syllabus Paper 1

(Fundamentals of Sociology)

Sociology – The Discipline

Research Methods and Analysis

Politics and Society

Religion and Society

Sociology as Science

Sociological Thinkers

Stratification and Mobility

Social Change in Modern Society

Systems of Kinship

Works and Economic Life

Sociology Optional Syllabus Paper 2

(Indian Society: Structure and Change)

Introducing Indian Society

Social Structure

Social Changes in India

UPSC Sociology Syllabus PDF

Aspirants must have Sociology Syllabus UPSC at their study table so that they can have all the topics in one place and can fully concentrate on their studies. This will also help you save time by avoiding you getting diverted from the main topics that need to be prepared. You can download the UPSC Sociology Syllabus PDF in English and Hindi by clicking on the links provided below.

Sociology Optional Syllabus Paper 1

UPSC Sociology Syllabus for Paper 1 is designed to acquaint candidates with a broad insight into the fundamental concepts and theories of Sociology. It covers various topics related to social structure, social institutions, social change, and globalization.

Studying these topics can help candidates develop critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills, which are essential to outperform others in the UPSC exam. The following topics are covered in Sociology Optional Syllabus Paper 1:

  • Politics and Society
  • Sociology – The Discipline
  • Sociology as Science
  • Sociological Thinkers
  • Religion and Society
  • Research Methods and Analysis
  • Stratification and Mobility
  • Social Change in Modern Society
  • Systems of Kinship
  • Works and Economic Life

These topics are further divided into sub-topics that must be covered to ace the exam with flying colors. Here is the snippet of the detailed syllabus of sociology optional for UPSC (Paper 1).

Sociology Syllabus for UPSC

Sociology Optional Syllabus for UPSC

sociology syllabus for UPSC

UPSC Sociology Optional Syllabus Paper 2

UPSC Sociology Optional Syllabus for Paper 2 is designed to test candidates’ knowledge of Indian society, social structure, and social changes in India. Hence, aspirants must be well-versed with all the parameters of the Sociology Syllabus and prepare for it well.

Furthermore, gaining insights on these topics would be beneficial for the GS papers of the UPSC Mains Syllabus. The major topics covered in UPSC Sociology Syllabus are provided here along with the elucidated description. Steer through the detailed Sociology Optional Syllabus for Paper 2 to take your preparation level a notch higher.

sociology syllabus for UPSC

Sociology Optional Syllabus for UPSC

sociology syllabus for UPSC

Important Topics in Sociology UPSC Syllabus

All the topics from the Sociology optional syllabus do not have the same weightage. However, candidates must give equal attention to each topic. Below we have underlined the most important topics in the UPSC Sociology syllabus that you cannot afford to miss.

Sociology Optional Syllabus Important Topics
Paper 1 Sociological Thinkers (Unit-IV) is one of the most important topics here. Among all the thinkers, Marx, Durkheim & Weber carry the highest weightage. In Social Institutions, questions are asked mostly from the units of family and religion.
Paper 2 Important sections are Patriarchy, integration of tribes, untouchability, village studies, working class, social movements, and secularism.

Tips to Prepare Sociology Optional for UPSC

One cannot crack the Civil Service Examination (CSE) by being a bookworm. Having the right preparation strategy up your sleeves will make things a lot easier for you. Thus, here we have provided an effective preparation strategy to cover Sociology Syllabus for UPSC promptly.

  • Analyze the syllabus: Aspirants must go through the Sociology Optional Syllabus to understand each and every topic and sub-topic. They are also advised to download the UPSC Sociology syllabus PDF to avoid missing out on any topic.
  • Attempt previous year’s papers: Refer to UPSC’s previous year’s papers after mugging up the UPSC Sociology optional syllabus to know the types of questions asked.
  • Pick the right set of books: NCERT books play a significant role in Civil Service Exam preparation. These books are reliable and provide information in detail. Some of the books that you must refer to are Haralambos and Holborn, Indian Sociological thought by BK Nagla, etc.
  • Revision is a must: Keep on revising the topics that you have already learned.

Best Books for UPSC Sociology Optional Syllabus

You cannot prepare for the IAS exam without having the right UPSC Books by your side. Below we have covered some of the best UPSC Sociology Optional Books that would help you to cover the Sociology optional syllabus efficiently.

These books will help you gain in-depth knowledge of each topic to help you write a comprehensive answer in the Mains examination.

  • Caste Its Twentieth Century Avatar – M. N. SRINIVAS
  • Modernization Of Indian Tradition – Yogendra Singh
  • Oxford Dictionary Of Sociology
  • Persistence and Change in Tribal India – M.V. Rao
  • Social Background of Indian Nationalism – A. R. Desai
  • Social Change In Modern India – M. N. SRINIVAS
  • Social Problems In India – Ram Ahuja
  • Society In India: Concepts, Theories And Recent Trends – Ram Ahuja
  • Sociology Themes and Perspectives – Michael Haralambos, Martin Holborn
  • Sociological Theory – George Ritzer
  • Sociological Thought – Francis Abraham, John Henry Morgan
  • Sociology – Anthony Giddens

Along with referring to these books, you must attempt UPSC mock tests and previous year’s papers to understand the Sociology Syllabus for UPSC in a better way.

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