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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

British ecologist A. G. Tansley used the term “ecosystem” for the first time in a publication in 1935. Tansley suggested the phrase, and Arthur Roy Clapham came up with the phrase. Biocoenosis was used earlier for defining the surrounding species. Tansley came up with the concept to highlight the importance of the material interactions between organisms and their surroundings. Later, he defined the phrase as “the total system,” which “includes not just the organism-complex but also the full complex of physical forces composing what we call the environment.”

Who Coined the Term Ecosystem?

An English botanist named A.G. Tansley first used the term “Ecosystem” in 1935. An ecosystem is a structural and functional unit where living things interact with one another and their surroundings. An ecosystem is a series of interactions between species and their surroundings. Tansley did not see ecosystems as natural groups but as “mental isolation.” The geographical range of ecosystems was later described by Tansley using the word “ecotope.”

Structure of Ecosystem

The arrangement of biotic and abiotic elements defines an ecosystem’s structure. This covers how energy is distributed in our surroundings. It also takes into account the climate that prevails in that specific setting. An ecosystem’s structure may be divided into two primary parts, namely:

  • Biotic Components
  • Abiotic Compounds

In an ecosystem, the biotic and abiotic elements are interconnected. It is an open system in which components and energy may move freely across barriers.

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