The Service Sector includes Activities such as A) Agriculture, dairy, fishing, and forestry B) Making sugar, gur and bricks C) Transport, communication and banking D) None of these

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The service sector includes activities such as transport, communication, and banking. The service sector is identified as the tertiary or the third category sector. It is responsible for producing the resource essential for the maintenance and repair, consultancy, and training of materials rather than developing a product or service.

Activities of the Service Sector

The service sector is responsible for producing precise services instead of producing goods. The service sector involves employment like communication, banking, teaching, nursing, tours, housekeeping, etc. There are two components of the service sector. These are-

  • Economic services: It includes trade, hotels, tourism, banking, insurance services, transport, storage, and communication.
  • Social services: Social services include education, health, and administration.

What is Service Sector?

The service sector is also known as the tertiary sector of the economy. It is the third of the three economic sectors and the other two are raw materials (primary sector) and manufacturing (secondary sector).

In the tertiary sector, industries are not directly related to the production of physical goods. Industries in the service sector are involved in the provision of services. Services sector activities are related to the transportation, distribution, and sale of goods, pest control, retailing, entertainment, and wholesale.

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