The Power to Interpret the Constitution is with

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The power to interpret the Constitution is with the Supreme Court. It is the way in which the judiciary elucidates the law, particularly constitutional documents, legislation, and frequently used vocabulary. The Supreme Court of India is one of the most prestigious and powerful courts. However, it works within the restrictions set down by the Constitution. The Constitution lays forth the duties and obligations of the Supreme Court.

Power to Interpret the Constitution

The Supreme Court of India is the highest and most powerful court in the country and serves as the country’s highest judicial body. The Chief Justice of India heads the Supreme court with 34 judges. The appeals in this court are filed against verdicts of the High Courts of various states.

It protects the fundamental rights of citizens and settles disputes between various governments. Supreme Court was established as per Chapter IV of Part V of the Constitution of India. The Supreme Court has specific jurisdiction or scope of powers given below.

  • Original: Resolves conflicts between the Union and States and between States.
  • Appellate: Appeals from lower courts are considered in civil, criminal, and constitutional cases. Advisory Advises the President on legal and public policy issues.
  • Writ: Can issue writs of habeas corpus, mandatum, prohibition, certiorari, and quo warranto to defend an individual’s fundamental rights.
  • Special Powers: Can issue special permission for an appeal from any decision or case made by any court on Indian soil.


The Power to Interpret the Constitution is with

The Supreme Court has the power to interpret the constitution. Modes of Constitutional Interpretation are Textualism, Judicial Precedent, Moral Reasoning, Structuralism, etc. The Constitution outlines the duties and responsibilities of the Supreme Court.

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