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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Mains contain topic-wise segregated questions asked over the years in the Civil Services Exam. The topics covered under the Polity Mains Questions range from judicial systems, legislative, executive and various constitutional and non-constitutional authorities. The Polity UPSC Mains Questions are covered under the GS Paper 2 Syllabus, and over the years, many conceptual and analytical questions have been asked.

It is advised to the IAS aspirants to be updated with the Current Affairs also, as seeing the trend of Polity PYQ UPSC Mains, it can be concluded that it lays special emphasis on it. Candidates preparing for the UPSC CSE exam must practice the Polity Mains Questions, analyze the difficulty level, and strategize accordingly.

Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Mains

Indian Polity and Governance is a major and significant topic of the UPSC GS 2 Syllabus. The major topics covered for the Polity Mains Questions include-

It is important for an aspirant to analyze the UPSC Previous Year Question Papers and mark the important topics frequently asked. The Polity Mains Questions do have a direct link with the Current Affairs as well; thus one needs to correlate the answers with the same.

Below we have tried to segregate the Polity PYQ UPSC Mains both year-wise and topic-wise from 2022-15 for the ease of convenience of the aspirants.

Polity Mains Questions 2022

The UPSC Polity Questions Mains of CSE-2022 was moderate to difficult. The questions of Polity Mains had laid special emphasis on Current Affairs as well. The Polity Mains Questions for UPSC 2022 were:

  1. Discuss the role of the Vice President of India as the chairman of Rajya Sabha.
  2. “While the national political parties in India favour centralization, the regional parties are in favour of state autonomy.” Comment.
  3. Discuss the procedures to decide the disputes arising out of the election of a Member of the Parliament or a State Legislature under the Representation of People Act 1951. What are the grounds on which the election of any returned candidate may be declared void? What remedy is available to the aggrieved party against the decision?
  4. Discuss the essential conditions for the exercise of the legislative powers by the Governor. Discuss the legality of re- promulgation of ordinances by the Governor without placing them before the Legislature.
  5. To what extent, in your opinion, has the decentralization of power in India changed the governance landscape at the grassroots?
  6. Discuss the role of the Election Commission of India in light of the evolution of the Model Code of Conduct.
  7. Critically examine the procedures through which the Presidents of India and France are elected.
  8. Discuss the role of the National Commission for Backward Classes in the wake of its transformation from a statutory body to a constitutional body.

Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Mains 2021

The Polity Mains Questions for IAS 2021 were more difficult, but aspirants who had conceptual clarity were able to solve the paper smoothly. The Polity UPSC Mains Questions for 2021 were:

  1. How have the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission of India enabled the States to improve their fiscal position?
  2. “Besides being a moral imperative of a Welfare State, primary health structure is a necessary precondition for sustainable development.” Comment.
  3. “‘Earn while you learn scheme needs to be strengthened to make vocational education and skill training meaningful.”
  4. Though the Human Rights Commissions have contributed immensely to the protection of human rights in India, they have failed to assert themselves against the mighty and powerful. Analyzing their structural and practical limitations, suggest remedial measures.
  5. Has digital literacy, particularly in rural areas, coupled with a lack of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility, hindered socio-economic development? Examine with justification.

Polity Mains Questions [2020-15]

Solving Polity Mains Questions helps in analyzing the UPSC Exam Pattern in a much better way. The Polity PYQ UPSC Mains range from diverse topics and are most directly or indirectly related to the UPSC Syllabus. Below we have provided the Polity Mains Questions PDF from 2020-15.

Polity Previous Year Questions UPSC Mains Topic Wise

Candidates looking for Polity Mains Previous Year Questions for UPSC Mains can use the table below. The number of questions from each topic in the UPSC Mains GS 2 Polity from 2015 to 2022 is shown in the table below:

Year Number of Questions Polity Mains Questions Topic
2022 8 Decentralisation of Power, Vice President, Governor, National Political Parties and Regional Parties, President and Election Commission
2021 5 Finance Commission, Constitutional and Non Constitutional Bodies, Parliament, Federal System, and Legislative Councils
2020 5 Representation of People’s Act, Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Bodies, Federal System, Lok Sabha and Separation of Powers
2019 6 Salient Features of the Constitution, Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Bodies, Representation of People’s Act, Parliament, Attorney General and Constitutional Amendments
2018 10 Election Commission, Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Bodies, President of India, Comptroller And Auditor General, Finance Commission, Panchayati System, centre-state Relations and Division of Power
2017 6 Local Self Government, Supreme Court, Lok Sabha, Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Bodies, Salient Features of the Constitution, Fundamental Rights, and Election Commission
2016 4 Schedules of the Constitution, Relationship With J&K, Comptroller and Auditor General, and Making of the Constitution
2015 4 Directive Principles of State Policy, Federal System, Separation of Powers, Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Bodies

How to Prepare Polity Mains Questions?

Polity is crucial for competitive exams, particularly for the UPSC CSE. Because of this, aspirants must adopt a calculated strategy when preparing the UPSC Polity Syllabus. Below, we’ve included some useful advice for preparing for the polity previous year questions UPSC Mains.

  • Be sure to read the Political Sciences NCERT Books for UPSC to solidify your groundwork.
  • To thoroughly understand the subject, read the fundamental UPSC Books, such as Introduction to the Indian Constitution by D.D. Basu and M. Laxmikanth.
  • Make brief notes summarising the key topics.
  • To obtain a sense of the recent kinds of questions, look through the UPSC Previous Year Question Papers.
  • Give as many practice exams as you can, which will aid in correcting any mistakes.
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