List out Three Methods of Soil Conservation

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The three methods of soil conservation are contour ploughing, crop rotation, and ploughing the land in the right direction. Soil conservation refers to the methods that are employed to maintain the fertility of the soil. It also includes maintaining the top layer of soil and preventing its erosion. The purpose of soil conservation is to protect it from various types of pollutants and to ensure that its properties like pH level, quality, texture, etc. are maintained.

Three Methods of Soil Conservation

Soil conservation is crucial to earth. It is necessary to ensure healthy crops and longevity of the top layer of soil. The three methods of soil conservation are listed below.

  1. Crop Rotation – It is a method in which different types of crops are grown on the same land in a given period of time. Growing different crops ensures that the soil is not deficient in nutrients and it also reduces tillage which is harmful to the soil.
  2. Contour Ploughing – The method of sowing and plowing crops along a right angle to the slope of a geographical area is called Contour Ploughing. It is a method that follows the natural contour lines of hills to reduce soil damage caused by running water.
  3. Ploughing in the right direction – In this method, the land is plowed perpendicular to the wind direction. It is one of the best ways to protect soil from erosion caused by wind.

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