How Many Cabinet Committees are there?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

There are currently eight cabinet committees. Except for the Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs and Accommodation, all committees are led by the Prime Minister. They are either not mentioned in the Constitution or emerge in an unconstitutional manner. The purpose of these committees is to assist the central government. Their analysis of any central government policy assists the government in making changes to those policies.

Total Number of Cabinet Committees

The Government of India had reconstituted eight key cabinet committees for the year 2021. There are two new cabinet committees. The first is for investment and growth, while the second is for employment and skill development. To understand this better, first learn about the 8 cabinet committees of India. Below is the list of eight cabinet committees:

Cabinet Committees of India
Employment and Skill Development Cabinet Committee Parliamentary Affairs Cabinet Committee
Accommodation Cabinet Committee Appointment Cabinet Committee
Political Affairs Cabinet Committee Investment and Growth Cabinet Committee
Security Cabinet Committee Economic Affairs Cabinet Committee

Cabinet Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Eight cabinet committees have key roles, and they are an organizational instrument to reduce the immense workload of the Cabinet.

  • They encourage in-depth policy analysis and influential coordination.
  • Cabinet Committees are based on the principles of delegation and effective representation.
  • They resolve issues and formulate recommendations for consideration by the Cabinet.
  • These committees make and review decisions as well.

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