Here is some information about four Countries. Based on this information, How would you Classify each of these countries. Write Democratic, Undemocratic or Not sure Against each of these

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

a) Country P: The parliament cannot pass a law about the army without the consent of the Chief of the Army.

b) Country Q: The parliament cannot pass a law reducing the powers of the judiciary.

c) Country R: The country’s leaders cannot sign any treaty with another country without taking permission from its neighboring country.

d) Country S: All the major economic decisions about the country are taken by officials of the central bank which the ministers cannot change.

Based on the information given, Country Q is democratic, whereas countries P, R, and S are undemocratic.

a) Country P – Undemocratic

b) Country Q – Democratic

c) Country R – Undemocratic

d) Country S – Undemocratic

Explanation for Democratic and Undemocratic Countries

The Supreme Court of India’s decision binds all other courts in India. Neither the executive nor the legislature can control the Indian judiciary. The government or ruling party cannot control the judges of the Indian courts. Read the points given below to have an understanding of democratic and non-democratic countries:

  • Country S: It is undemocratic because the Ministry of Finance should not have the power to decide on the direction of the nation’s economy. The finance ministry may seek advice from the central bank on economic policy. Nevertheless, the finance minister is a member of the government, and since the government is chosen by and answerable to the people, it can be said to be a representative of the people.
  • Country R: The State Department can assess the positive and negative geopolitical implications of signing treaties with other countries and take appropriate action, but requesting permission from those countries to accept a treaty is undemocratic and goes against the will of the people who elected the government to power. R’s country is therefore not democratic.
  • Country P: The task of the army chief is to safeguard the borders from external aggression. The government may consult and receive input from the commander of the military when approving laws relating to the military. The ultimate powers rest with the government in a democracy, and the army chief has no right to prevent the lawmakers from passing military-related laws in parliament. Therefore, country P is undemocratic.
  • Country B: It is democratic as it highlights that the constitution has powers given to the judiciary. Importantly, it also shows that the judiciary is independent and is an essential indicator of a country’s democracy.


Here is some information about the four Countries. Based on this information, How would you Classify each of these countries? Write Democratic, Undemocratic, or Not sure Against each of these

Based on the information provided, country Q is democratic, whereas countries P, R, and S are undemocratic. The democratic system provides equal rights and allows one to participate in major decision-making is the foundation of democracy.

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