Draw up a List of Democratic Rights we enjoy today whose Origins could be Traced to the French Revolution

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The democratic rights we enjoy today whose origins could be traced to the French Revolution are the Right to Equality, the Right to Freedom, Freedom of Speech, and Expression. The French Revolution brought forth the concepts of liberty and democratic rights. It is one of the most impressive events that greatly impacted history. This led to the spread of the idea of freedom from exploitation during the nineteenth century.

Democratic Rights that Originate from French Revolution

From France to Europe, the colonist’s and feudal lords’ control over the common people was reassessed and eventually abolished. Many of the democratic rights we enjoy today originated during the French Revolution.

Freedom and democratic rights were at the heart of the French Revolution. These ideas eventually spread from France to the rest of the world. It was also very inspirational for the Indian freedom fighters. In fact, most of the democratic rights we have today may have their origins in the French Revolution. These democratic rights are listed below.

  • Right to Equality, which states that everyone is equal in front of the law.
  • Right to Freedom states that everyone is free and has the right to live with dignity.
  • Freedom of Speech and Expression ensures that everyone has the right to speak and share their opinions via any means.

Apart from these fundamental rights, the idea of ​​the natural rights of citizens to be protected by the state and the right to life also stems from the French Revolution. The right to democracy which mandates that everyone should have the right to vote as well as the right to life of an individual are some of the democratic rights we enjoy that can be traced back to the French Revolution.

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