Each of these Statements contains a Democratic and Undemocratic Element. Write out the two Separately for Each Statement. a) A minister said that some laws have to be passed by the parliament in order to conform to the regulations decided by the World Trade Organisation (WTO). b) The Election Commission ordered re-polling in a constituency where large-scale rigging was reported. c) Women’s representation in parliament has barely reached 10 per cent. This led women’s organisations to demand one-third seats for women.

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Each of the statements mentioned above contains a democratic and undemocratic element. The citizens of a country have the power to elect their leaders in a democracy. The Universal Adult Franchise principle is followed, which allows all citizens from all backgrounds to vote. This would not be possible in an undemocratic country.

Statements for Democratic and Undemocratic Element

The democratic element in the first statement is that the minister states that the parliament is to pass some laws. The undemocratic aspect is that the laws must be passed in order to comply with World Trade Organization (WTO) regulations. In a democratic system, laws should be passed only to meet the needs and demands of citizens, not to meet the demands of external agencies.

The democratic element in the Second Statement is that when election rigging is discovered, the Election Commission orders re-election. Elections have been rigged on a large scale, which is undemocratic. The Election Commission of India (EC) has the authority to reprimand the administration or government in such a case. The EC also provides election guidelines to all political parties before the elections.

In the third statement, it is stated that the underrepresentation of female candidates in parliament is undemocratic. Ideally, women should have equal representation in government. In this scenario, however, women demanding one-third representation is a democratic act.

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