The Civil Disobedience Movement Began With? How did Civil Disobedience Movement Start?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Civil Disobedience Movement began with the Salt Satyagraha, or Dandi March, led by Mahatma Gandhi. From the Sabarmati Ashram, Gandhiji led a sizable group of supporters to Dandi, where they used seawater to make salt, circumventing the salt tax. This evolved into the famous Dandi uprising against the British. As they marched with Gandhiji against the British government, the movement brought people from all walks of life together and served as a watershed moment for the nation.

Begin of Civil Disobedience Movement

Mahatma Gandhi sent a letter to Viceroy Irwin on 31 January 1930 stating 11 demands. One of the demands was the abolishment of the salt tax. Gandhi stated in the letter that if the salt tax were not abolished by 11 March, the Indian National Congress would initiate a civil disobedience act. So, when the British didn’t abolish the tax, Gandhiji began the Dandi March with his trusted followers.

  • Civil disobedience, also known as passive resistance, is the act of refusing to follow orders from a government or occupying force without using force or other active forms of resistance.
  • Its typical goal is to coerce concessions from the government or occupying force.
  • The Gandhi-Irwin pact put an end to the Civil Disobedience Movement.
  • The Gandhi-Irwin pact was made to make the Indian National Congress stop the civil disobedience movement.


The Civil Disobedience Movement Began with? How did Civil Disobedience Movement Start?

The Civil Disobedience Act began when Mahatma Gandhi led the Dandi March, or Salt Satyagraha, to oppose the salt tax. Gandhiji initiated the civil disobedience act after the British government refused to abolish the cruel salt tax, which largely impacted the poor of the country. As a result, Gandhi and his loyal supporters began marching from the Sabarmati Ashram to the village of Dandi. After reaching the shores of Dandi, they made salt from the seawater and broke the salt law in protest.

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