How many Total Players are there in Kho-Kho?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

In Kho-Kho, there is a total of 12 players. Two innings are played in a game. Each side in an inning has seven minutes to pursue and seven minutes to defend. There are 12 players on each squad, but only nine from each side take to the field at once. It is a traditional Indian outdoor sport. In 1959, the first All India Kho Kho Championship was held at Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. On the other hand, the first-ever Asian Championship was held in Kolkata in 1996.

Total Players in Kho Kho

In the game, three runners from the defensive team sprint around the court and attempt to avoid being touched while nine players from the chasing team (attacking team) are on the court, with eight sitting in the central lane. A central line connects two poles at either side of the court where kho kho is played. On the chasing team, each player who is seated looks the opposite way from their seated colleagues across from them.

The game is played with nine players, with three acting as substitutes. During the defensive round, the team must play with the same nine players and the same set/batch of 3 players. Players cannot be replaced, replaced, or substituted during defensive turns. However, while chasing or assaulting, the team must begin with any nine players and may substitute players as necessary. While chasing or attacking in Kho Kho, substitutions are allowed at any time. The players in Kho-Kho aim to hunt down an opponent and score points.

History of Kho Kho

The following are some information about Kho Kho and its beginnings.

  • At the time of the third South Asian Federation Games, held in Calcutta in 1987, the Asian Kho Kho Federation was originally established.
  • The state of Maharashtra is where Kho Kho first began.
  • People who speak Marathi have a massive following for the game.
  • The Deccan Gymkhana club in Pune developed the modern version of the game in 1914, giving it its rules and formalized structure.


How many Total Players are there in Kho-Kho?

A total of 12 players are there in Kho-Kho per side, i.e. nine main players and three substitutes. Although there are 12 players on each kho-kho team, only nine take the field at once during a match. In a game, there are two innings. Each side has seven minutes to chase and seven minutes to defend in an inning.

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