Duplication of Data is known as? (1) Data Inconsistency (2) Data Resentence (3)Data Redundancy

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Duplication of Data in computer language is known as Data Redundancy. Data duplication is a widespread phenomenon and should be prevented at all costs as it takes up space in your computer and affects its performance. Data redundancy occurs when the same data or files are stored in two or more locations.

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Duplication of Data

Technically, duplication of data is when the same piece of data is entered in two or more fields of a database. In most cases, deliberate data duplication can be done for the sake of data security and stability.

  • A database is a collection of information and data in a structured manner for easy access when needed.
  • It is, in some cases, electronically stored in a computer system or in the cloud.
  • Usually, there is data redundancy in the database. It can optionally be in the file storage system as well.
  • Either way, it can cause problems for the user.
  • Data redundancy is the occurrence of a particular set of information or data at more than one location on a computer system.
  • It can sometimes be used as a backup method to cross-check data and protect specific data.

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