What are the Functions of Lokpal?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Functions of Lokpal are to take action against servants, investigate complaints made by a single person, take decisions against public servants, and his findings can be enforced into action. India’s official representative is Lokpal. It derives from the Sanskrit words “Lok” for people and “Pala” for guardian or protector. The Lokpal has the authority to investigate allegations against the central government’s public servants and corruption-related issues.

Functions of Lokpal

The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act was passed in 2013 with amendments in Parliament, following the Jan Lokpal movement led by Anna Hazare in 2011. The Lokpal supervises all public officials and can adopt appropriate legal action against them if they do not operate in accordance with the law.

  • It may take action suo moto or respond to a private person’s complaint. If there is a prima facie case against a public official before an investigating agency has opened an investigation, Lokpal may summon or question that official.
  • Additionally, it may suggest using its conclusions. In cases where an appeal stems from a different law that is currently in effect, Lokpal will serve as the appellate authority.
  • Any act carried out by a public official or another official in good faith must be protected.
  • In order for those who have been mistreated to speak out against corruption, they must offer them adequate protection.
  • The Administrative Branch will be headed by an officer of the Secretary to the Government of India.
  • The judicial branch shall be headed by a judicial officer of the appropriate level who shall assist Lokpal in exercising their judicial functions.


What are the Functions of Lokpal?

The Functions of Lokpal include looking into complaints made by a single person, taking action against employees, enforcing his conclusions, and making decisions regarding public employees. The purpose of a Lokpal is to ensure there is no corruption in the system at the center or state level.

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