Describe Poverty Trends in India Since 1973

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

As per the Poverty Trends in India since 1973, it has decreased significantly. In 1973 the poverty rate of India was about 55% which decreased to 36% in 1993. In addition, the proportion of people below the poverty line further decreased to about 26% in 2000. If this trend continues, it is expected that the poverty line will come below 20% in the next few years.

Poverty Trends in India Since 1973

Although the percentage of people living below the poverty line has decreased since 1973, the number of people living in poverty remains the same. India’s poor population still remained at 270 million in 2011-12, both in rural and urban areas. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has considerably affected India’s poverty trends in the past two years.

Year Poverty Ratio (%) Number of Poor ( in Millions)
Rural Urban Combines Rural Urban Combined
1973-74 56.5 49.0 57.9 261 60 321
1993-94 37.3 32.4 36.0 244 76 320
1999-2000 27.1 23.6 26.1 193 67 260

Looking at these statistics, we can say that the concerned authorities of the country must take some critical actions to fight poverty. The government needs to play an active role by introducing employment and education schemes that will help rid the country of this evil.

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