An Ideal Transformer is one which

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

An ideal transformer is one which has no losses and magnetic leakage. A transformer that is free from all types of losses can be called an ideal transformer. This is an imaginary transformer that is said to have no core loss, no leakage flux, and no ohmic resistance. In such types of transformers, the voltage transformation takes place without any loss. It is also known as an imaginary transformer.

What is an Ideal Transformer?

An ideal transformer is actually static equipment that has no leakage. It is an imaginary transformer where there are no losses in terms of no-load losses. In an ideal transformer when power is measured on primary and secondary, it will show the same value of 10kws only. As the load varies only from 0 to 100Kws thus there are no losses, no voltage drop, etc. So efficiency is 100% which is only hypothetical.

There are several characteristics of an ideal transformer. It is called imaginary because it is tough to have a transformer that checks out all the points which makes it ideal. Some of the characteristics of the imaginary transformer are as follows.

  • The ideal transformer is the transformer in which primary and secondary windings have negligible resistance.
  • It has no leakage flux and the magnetic core of such transformers has infinite permeability.
  • In an ideal transformer, there is no loss due to winding resistances.
  • The efficiency of such a transformer is 100%.


An Ideal Transformer is one which

In such a case where there are no losses and magnetic leakage, it is called an ideal transformer. An ideal transformer is a static equipment. This is an imaginary transformer that will not have any issues that cause it to lose efficiency. This means it will have no core loss, no ohmic resistance, and no leakage as well.

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