Study Notes on Value Education in New Education Policy for UGC NET EXAM 2022

By Mohit Choudhary|Updated : December 31st, 2021

UGC NET Exam is conducted twice a year by NTA. There are ten units in Paper-1 and each unit has equal weightage in the examination. Most Important Topics in UGC NET Environment, Logical Reasoning, Teaching Aptitude, Research Aptitude, Communication, ICT, Higher Education.

Value education

Education which is about human values and a good mode of living is called Value Education. Each society and religion has its established values. Man is expected to follow these values.

Value education teaches a man to distinguish between :

  • Good and Bad
  • Wanted and Unwanted.

Value education has become pertinent for community and society in the modern age of cultural degradation and environmental deterioration. 

The inclusion of it in the present education system is the demand of the hour. The child inherits the value of education from his parents and grandparents. Certain norms and values of living are also taught in education institutions by the teachers. The child or student should adopt and follow it, for this it is necessary that guardians and teachers should follow them in their daily routine. On seeing the elders abiding by their life values, the younger generation  will itself try to follow it. If a man considers himself the son of Nature or Earth, then he will never imagine even to pollute any part of the Earth or cut down trees or kill any species. Believing in this notion “The Earth is itself a family” ,man should love nature and adopt the principles of renunciation then most of the problems that man faces today will easily be solved.

The concept of value is modern and elaborate. This is different from conventional religious education and moral education etc.

By Value education, we mean all that education which contains our moral, social, cultural and spiritualistic values. In it, different subjects/issues that these values are inculcated in the lives of the students, so that they can have a balanced and all round development.

In our traditional culture the very purpose of schooling was :

  • to awaken our Viveka
  • to choose wisely,
  • the long-term good and 
  • get established in the habit of daily self-development practices, prayers, meditation, yoga, inspirational-scriptural-studies, worship, etc. 
  • to build ability, strength, powers of mind
  • to walk-the-talk; the often difficult path of discipline, ethics, righteous conduct, etc.

Value education is used in two meanings :-

  • Education of Value
  • Value oriented Education

In the first, we want to impart or provide moral, social, cultural and metaphysical values like history and geography, and in value oriented education, by inculcating value education in all the subjects. Stress is laid on the development of these values.

In national education policy, 1986 ( amended in 1992) and its working plan of 1992, stress is laid on value based education, for which education has been underlined as a powerful armament for the establishment of social and moral values.

Value based education now an integral part of New Education Policy 2020

The Five Human values are integral part of all Religions and inter alia the five universal values specifically mentioned in NEP 2020, are

  •  Truth
  • Peace
  • Non-violence
  • Love
  • Righteous conduct

Curriculum in schools must focus to develop key qualities such as

  • Regularity
  • Punctuality
  • Cleanliness
  • Self-control
  • Industriousness
  • sense of duty
  • desire to serve
  • Responsibility
  • Enterprise
  • Creativity, etc.

Religion is also a major source of value generation

  • Education about basics of every religion
  • Values inherent in them
  • Comparative study of philosophy of all religions

Value based education is likely to help the nation fight against all kinds of prevailing:

  • Fanaticism
  • Ill-will,
  • Violence
  • Dishonesty,
  • Corruption
  • exploitation and
  • drug abuse

In the education institutions, instead of focusing only on the academic teaching, the major focus should be on inculcating good habits, values, discipline, manners, care and concern for each other, being helpful, learning to share, being friendly, doing their duties, clean, simple hygiene, human values of truth, love, ahimsa, righteous conduct, peace, etc.
Conclusion: Implementing Value Based Education is our modern challenge and is an opportunity for Religions to show their ability to work together with academia to create enlightened citizens for the good of the nation.

UGC NET Study Notes on Value Education

Preparation Tips for your NET EXAM

  • Check the full syllabus and examination pattern thoroughly
  • Start preparing for the exam with a time schedule
  • Practice with the previous year’s question papers and their solution
  • Keep revision of all topics from the topics on a daily basis
  • Check your progress with mock tests
  • Study carefully and do maintain your health.

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