UGC NET Paper 1 Previous Year Papers

By Sakshi Ojha|Updated : February 16th, 2023

UGC NET Paper 1 Previous Year Papers: UGC NET Previous Papers are said to be the best tool to know the pattern of questions asked. It is best way to revise and UGC NET Preparations. It provides much needed insights to the UGC NET Examination like types of question asked,  the exam pattern, and the weightage of different topics according to the syllabus. Paper 1 is a static paper, the course all same for every candidate and the questions are often repeated. So it is best to solve at least 5 Year's UGC NET Paper 1 Questions. Below in the article you can find UGC NET Paper 1 Previous Year Papers.


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NTA conducts the UGC NET Exam twice a year. The examination is in two shifts. Now as we all know it Paper 1 common and compulsory for all, it becomes kind of static in nature. Questions are often repeated from the previous papers. Candidates are highly advised to solve at least 5 Year's UGC NET Paper 1 Previous Year Papers.

UGC NET Exam June 2023 previous question papers are available in the link given below. Candidates can download the UGC NET Paper 1 Previous Year Papers from the direct link given below. If candidates solve these papers rigorously they can boost their merit and can qualify for UGC NET-JRF easily. 

Aspirants must first try to attempt the question papers of the UGC NET exam on their own, before consulting their detailed solutions shared below. This will help them identify their preparation level of the exam in a much better way.

Download the UGC NET Paper 1 previous year question papers as well as their solutions from the links shared below to BYJU'S Exam Prep your preparation for this exam.

YearPDFs Links
December 2008

Download pdf

June 2008

Download pdf

December 2007

Download pdf

June 2007

Download pdf

December 2006

Download pdf

June 2006

Download pdf

December 2005

Download pdf

June 2004

Download pdf

How to create the Best Study Plan For UGC NET 2023? 

Analyze the Syllabus

Understand the UGC NET 2023 Syllabus over time, not just learning the word go. Understanding what topics are expected to be covered in Paper 1, and why, will help you devise better strategies for preparing for the exam. Point out your weak topics and topics you know and understand well. Know where to put the maximum time and effort so that you can easily prepare for something strong.

Know the exam pattern

After you have analyzed the syllabus, you know what topics need to be prepared. Now you have to know the UGC NET 2023 Exam Pattern to understand what kind of questions will be asked in the examination. Once you understand that you will be quite clear in your mind as to how to prepare for the whole course. 

Know your Strong and weak Areas

Know what suits you best, daytime or nighttime? understand your concentration levels and work on them slowly and steadily. Understand your weak areas and work on them and know your strong ones so you can use them for your preparations. Also in the syllabus, you need to figure out which unit needs the most of your attention and which can be easily covered in less time. That way you can plan your whole chart according to the time needed as per the topic. This will save you a lot of time.

Set weekly and monthly goals

Needless to say, you need to keep your progress in check. For that, you need to set some goals for yourself. Start by small daily or weekly goals then move on to the monthly goals and make sure you meet them. This will keep you consistent with your Studies and you will not lose track.

Evaluate yourself 

Now when you have your daily schedule, the next step is to follow it and adhere to it. Try to follow your timetable as much as you can. You will now have to evaluate yourself after completing every small task. Look at the weekly goal and evaluate the progress. In case you could not complete the goal, do not worry, It's okay. You can do it next week.

Take UGC NET mock tests as much as you can as it will prepare you for the actual exam pattern and you will be able to assess your preparation performance too. Avoid learning any new topic a few days before the exam. This will only make you more confused about the topic, leading to an incorrect answer.

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