Tips to Score 25+ Marks in English Language of SBI Clerk Prelims 2022

By Jyoti Bisht|Updated : November 15th, 2022

To crack the SBI Clerk English language section with a good score, it is important to know some preparation tips. Here we have shared some key beneficial tips to score 25+ marks in the English Language section of the SBI Clerk exam. The English language questions are important to attempt with a good accuracy rate so that one can expect decent marks in SBI Clerk Prelims.


Every year, the State Bank of India conducts the SBI Clerk exam to recruit junior associates in the clerical cadre. In 2022, SBI has released more than 5486 vacancies across the country, it is a great opportunity to be a part of one of the most coveted banking organizations in the country.

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The SBI Clerk examination is conducted in two phases – Prelims and Mains. In this post, we will layout out how to score 25+ in the English section of the SBI Clerk exam.

Before heading on to discuss how to score 25+ in the English section, it is imperative to keep in mind the SBI Clerk syllabus and pattern of the Prelim exam. The first phase of the examination consists of an online paper of 100 questions bearing 100 marks each, which is attempted in 60 minutes. The paper consists of 30 questions in English, 35 Reasoning, and 35 questions of quantitative aptitude to be attempted in the same sequence within a stipulated sectional time of 20 minutes each.

How to Score 25+ Marks in SBI Clerk Prelims 2022 English?

Since the SBI Clerk Exam has sectional time, it is extremely important to prepare each section strategically. Considering the question-time ratio, the English section has comparatively fewer questions to be attempted in the stipulated time of 20 minutes. Furthermore, in the English section unlike Reasoning and Quantitative, one does not have to get into calculations and problem-solving.

It is an easy section and can fetch you those extra brownie marks to get you ahead in the rat race. Below are a few points to take note of, to score 25+ in the English section of the SBI Clerk Exam-

1. Usually, aspirants are too scared to practice this section or hold the preparation of the English section, until the last minute. Avoid such tendencies.

2. Last-minute tricks and preparations help fetch an extra couple of marks, which can be a game-changer. But they are not enough to score 25+.

3. First things first – go through the previous year’s question paper to understand what the exam asks for.

4. There are four major components of the English section

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Other (Verbal ability)

5. Give mock tests. Just knowing the subject is not enough, you should be able to manage time such that you attempt the maximum number of questions possible in the given 20 minutes.

6. Realize your strong points and weak points – the trick to scoring 25+ in the English section of SBI Clerk Prelims lies in this.

7. If vocabulary is your strong point and you are quick at reading, then attempt reading comprehension first and then move on to other topics like the cloze test, error detection, phrase replacement, and para jumbles.

8. But if the grammar is your strength, then you can keep reading comprehension to be attempted in the end.

9. Read English newspapers and magazines regularly. Read the editorials to improve your word stock.

10. In reading comprehension, be strategic – attempt questions based on vocabulary and phrases, synonyms, antonyms, and word replacement first. Once you are done with such questions and other questions as well, then proceed to attempt the questions which require some thought-making and reading between the lines to understand the underlying meaning.

11. Try to attempt around 28-30 questions. Plan how to strategically attempt the SBI Clerk Prelims 2022 Exam.

These are some generic tips to help you improve your score in the English language of the SBI Clerk Exam. It is extremely important to prepare all the major components of this section exhaustively. To score 25+ in the English section of SBI Clerk Prelims, you will have to follow an in-detailed strategy and also know how to break your 20 minutes of stipulated time allotted for each group.

Best Strategy to Score 25+ Marks in English in SBI Clerk Exam

For the English section, you will have 20 minutes for 30 questions. To attempt 28-30 questions, you must develop fine sync of speed and accuracy. While preparing this section, make a mind map entailing how you will distribute 20 minutes of the section. Reading comprehension can take up a lot of time, especially for philosophical questions or those which need a deeper understanding of comprehension.

On the flip side, it can fetch you marks in a thread, especially those related to vocabulary and phrases. Below, is a tentative time break idea that you can use as a reference for yourself.


Break between each section

Reading Comprehension

5 minutes (approx.)

English Grammar

5 minutes


6 minutes

Others (verbal ability)

4 minutes

Practice mock tests with sectional time as much as you can. It is only through the mock test you can figure out your ideal time break for different components of the English section. The above time breakdown is just an indicative one. Verbal ability questions like sentence re-arrangement can sometimes be confusing and hence time-consuming.

Try them towards the end and in case you attempt them in between and find them confusing, do not waste your time on them.

Best Study Plan to Follow for SBI Clerk Prelims 2022 English

In this section, we will discuss different sections of the English Section and how to prepare them. These tips will help you realize your strong and weak points, following which you can tap into the strong areas to increase your score and at the same time, practice more of the weak areas.

  • For reading comprehension, you must cultivate the habit of reading newspapers and magazines. The comprehension can be either fact-based or a story. It is very important to read regularly so that you can read fast and comprehend the same. Practice mock tests, and previous year's question papers regularly. Answering reading comprehension also needs a good grasp of vocabulary and grammar.
  • In vocabulary, the most common questions consist of cloze tests, antonyms, synonyms, fill-in-the-gaps, etc. For improved vocabulary also, reading newspapers and magazines is a must. However, more than the flow of the read and the articulation, words are to be given more focus on vocabulary. As you read them, make note of the new words that you come across. Make sure also to note down the meaning of the same. Also, learn their antonyms and synonyms and understand how and where they are used/applied. Furthermore, solving the vocabulary questions from the previous years.
  • It is extremely important to have a strong base in Grammar. First thing – get your basics right. For the SBI Clerk Prelim 2022 Exam, the grammar part comprises questions of filling in the gaps, error spotting, and phrase replacement. These questions if practiced properly can fetch you a lot of marks. But, only practice is not enough.
  • Learn and revise the basics of the grammar (of that of Class X level) like parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, articles, prepositions, conjunction, narration, tense, etc. You must have a clear knowledge of the basics, without which you would find it difficult to attempt the whole English section.
  • To get the basics of grammar, thoroughly go through the details, descriptions, and rules of applications of the concepts. Pick one topic at a time. Understand the need and usage of the same and then practice questions from previous question papers and mock tests. Practice papers and mock tests are necessary to develop a good grip on the grammar basics, especially to remember the rules.
  • Questions of verbal ability consist of sentence re-arrangement. Apart from reading comprehension, this is another topic, which can get you marks in the loop, given the condition that you get the sequence right and arrange the sentences correctly. Herein, you will have to rearrange a set of sentences to form a meaningful and sequential paragraph.

For this, you need two skills – the ability to read quickly and think logically. Reading and reading is the way followed by loads of practice.


Scoring good marks in the English section has two major formulas – reading and practicing the English section if prepared well is one of the easiest ways to fetch marks. Develop reading habits, increase your reading speed, read newspapers and magazines regularly, get your grammar basics right, practice them, prioritize important topics, note down every new word that you come across and you are good to go. Be dedicated and practice questions on all topics following a timer.

We hope this post will not only help you get rid of the fear of the English section but will also guide you in developing your practice and preparation timeline for the English section of the SBI Clerk Prelims 2022.

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FAQs On Tips to Score 25+ Marks in English Language of SBI Clerk Prelims 2022

  • Focus vividly on both grammar and vocabulary. For grammar go through Wren & Martin book and practice questions. For vocabulary read a daily editorial from the Hindu newspaper and note down words.

  • Yes, definitely anyone can crack SBI clerk in 3 months. A proper study plan, disciplined preparation and regular mocks practice can help you achieve the goal

  • The candidates will be selected for the SBI Clerk Post on the basis of marks scored in the Mains Examination so there will be no further interview.

  • Yes, it is a permanent job with a decent salary and multiple perks.

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