Key Beneficial Tips to Attempt SBI Clerk Prelims 2022 Exam

By Jyoti Bisht|Updated : September 20th, 2022

State Bank of India conducts SBI Clerk Prelims every year for recruitment, and this is the most awaited examination in a year. Lakhs of aspirants appear every year, but only a few get selected depending on their caliber.


This year, the official notification may be released at any time soon. One needs to accurately know how to attempt the SBI Clerk Prelims exam with some tips and strategies, as only a few days are left for the exam. A well-prepared study plan can guide you to prepare well with effort and determination.

A well-prepared study plan can guide you to prepare well with effort and determination.

Preparation Tips for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

A thorough study plan and preparation technique are essential for passing any exam. It's crucial that you are aware of your advantages so that you can structure your preparation appropriately. Keep reading for comprehensive SBI Clerk 2022 prelims Preparation Tips.

  • Prepare exam patterns and syllabus to manage your time.
  • Do attempt previous year's question papers of SBI Clerk Prelims to score the best.
  • Read newspapers, and blogs on a daily basis to improve your vocabulary.
  • Understand basic English grammar rules for sentence improvement and correction questions.
  • Attempt English quizzes on a regular basis to analyze your mistakes.
  • Identify and give yourself more time on weak topics.
  • Decide study hours as per the work schedule.
  • Believe in yourself so that you can give your best.
  • Avoid guesswork! It might leave you in a dilemma to be uncertain about a question and never attempt the same.
  • Take a recreational break to refresh your mind in between your study hours.
  • Never stress and burden yourself
  • Proper nourishment and regular sleep give a breakthrough in your studies.

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Study Plan for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

You can achieve good results with a smart approach. We have prepared a section-wise plan with an in-depth analysis with a proper strategy to sail through the exam.


Time to be spent on the learning and preparing questions and methods

Time to be spent on revising tricks, concepts, and learned formulas


3- 4 hours (1-2 topics)

20 minutes Revision


2 Hour

20 minutes Revision

Quantitative Aptitude

5 Hours (1- 2 Topics)

45 minutes for Revision

Since you are aware that the SBI Clerk Prelims Exam consists of three sections and each section consists of different topics. One can have a detailed schedule of revision, to prepare at your own convenience, but do try following the above schedule.

Topic-wise Preparation Tips to Attempt SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

Focus on the topic-wise revision to score higher and generate a positive approach toward your exam. Topic-wise, revision of concepts for these sections for the remaining few days are as follows:

1. Scoring topics to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude

It is necessary to continuously practice the SBI Clerk Quantitative Aptitude part. Topics like profit loss, percentage, number series, etc. are included in the SBI Clerk quantitative aptitude exam. Read through the SBI Clerk quantitative aptitude exam preparation tips for 2022 provided below.

  • This section carries Arithmetic, Data Interpretation, Algebra, Geometry, and other math topics.
  • Arithmetic and Data interpretation are scoring categories covering almost 60-70 percent of this section.
  • A grasp of mathematical formulae can help you to score better.
  • Improve calculation speed by creative methods by remembering squares, and tables to gain accuracy.


  • Simplification/Approximation
  • Quadratic equations
  • Comparison of quantities
  • Data Interpretations
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Mixture problems
  • Number system
  • Profit and loss
  • Average/percentage
  • Time
  • Probability/Mensuration
  • Data sufficiency
  • Permutation and combinations

2. Scoring topics to prepare for English

Let's divide the English Language section of SBI Clerk exam preparation tips into two groups. First, if you are well-versed in the language and have a solid foundation. Secondly, if your foundation is poor. So let's break down the English strategy into two parts. This section tests your vocabulary. Grammar, Reading, and Comprehension. Therefore:

  • Focus on your reading skills to comprehend passages. The main aim is to read the questions of comprehension thoroughly, so as to locate a suitable answer.
  • Brush up your basic grammar skills.
  • Practice 50 questions on a daily basis on different topics.
  • Be well versed in English grammar rules.


  • Spell correction/phrase correction
  • Reading comprehension
  • Cloze test
  • Error detection
  • Phrase replacement
  • Fill in the blanks/jumble words and match the following

3. Scoring topics to prepare for the Reasoning Section

This section tests the applicant’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We suggest solving a minimum of 45-60 Reasoning questions every day.

  • Try to answer at least 25 questions with high accuracy in 15-20 minutes.
  • Practice on a daily basis can improve your accuracy.


  • Syllogism: It contains a statement question that has one conclusion.
  • Solve questions through the Venn diagram.
  • Create all possibilities that satisfy statements.
  • Complementary pairs sometimes are the conclusions.
  • Inequality: Rules-based combinations of statements
  • Inequality golden rules: A combination of two inequalities can have or not have a common term.
  • Coding-Decoding: Mixed letter coding types of questions: common code words are analyzed by picking all possible combinations.
  • Sitting arrangements: Normal and Inward-Outward questions are asked to refer to the object.
  • Linear Seating arrangements: Arrangement of data from first to last.
  • Arrangement and Pattern
  • Order and Pattern
  • Puzzles
  • Data efficiency
  • Input & Output

Key Tips for Solving Reasoning Questions

Answer each question with accuracy, as correct questions will increase the chances of scoring a high percentage. Maintain constant speed to maintain your valuable time.

  • Your main goal should be to crack SBI Clerk Prelims Exam 2022 and move ahead for the Main Exam to secure a dream job of your choice. These two exams, Prelims, and Mains exam are a competitive phase for Clerical careers in the banking sector.
  • The Puzzles/Seating Arrangement section of the Reasoning Section is the largest portion of the section. These are extremely difficult problems. Everything else needs to be carefully prepared if you are weak in puzzles and arrangement so that you don't lose even a single mark.
  • Considering a variety of topics, including Inequalities, Input-Output, Direction Sense, Syllogisms, Data Sufficiency, Ranking and Order, Assumptions, Conclusions, Effect and Cause, etc. If you struggle to solve puzzles and arrangements, consider concentrating on the "miscellaneous" section.


Hard work, perseverance, and dedication toward the goal can help you prepare and revise all topics with ease. When you follow the above strategy for at least the last few days ahead of your exam, you would be self-determined and never lose your confidence and thrive hard towards qualifying in the Prelims Exams.

A relaxed mind always soothes you towards hard work and can help you succeed. One needs to qualify for the Main Exam too for a successful career in the banking sector. Be confident and attempt all questions with accuracy and hope for a positive result and your dream goal.

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  • Just make a proper study plan and stick to it. First clear basic concepts of every section and then attempt mock test to analyze your level.

  • The official notification has not come yet. It can be announced anytime soon. So please keep continuing your preparation.

  • The reasoning ability section requires only practice. First, focus on basic concepts and then practice as many questions as possible.

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