Smart strategy on child development & Pedagogy for TET 2020

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released Official notification of Central Teacher Eligibility Test 2020. Child Development & Pedagogy is very important because it is a very scoring subject and also helpful in understanding other subject pedagogy. To help you qualify CTET Exam, we are going to share Smart strategy on child development & Pedagogy. This strategy will help you to score good marks in CTET exams.

Highlights of pattern and level changes as compared to last year:

Many changes take places in Pattern & difficulty level from a previous year. Some important changes are as follows.
  • The difficulty level of question is increased from easy to moderate.
  • Numbers of practical and pedagogy question increased as compared to last year.
  • So this year, you need to more focus on pedagogy and practical question. 

Exam Pattern of CTET PAPER- first of all, let’s understand the paper Pattern:

S.N. Subject Number of question Marks Total Time
1 Child Development & Pedagogy 30 30

150 Minutes

2 Mathematics  30 30
3 Language – 1 30 30
4 Language – 2 30 30
5 Environmental Studies  30 30
Total 150 150

Exam Pattern of CTET PAPER- II

S.N. Subjects Number of Question Marks Total Time
1 Child Development & Pedagogy 30 30

150 Minutes

2 Language – 1 30 30
3 Language – 2 30 30
4 Science & Mathematics OR Social Science 60 60
Total  150 150

Child Development and Pedagogy:

Child Development and Pedagogy is the common subject of Paper 1 and Paper 2. Child Development and Pedagogy is totally a theoretical subject. Overall the level of the questions was of moderate. Broadly, Child Development and Pedagogy are divided into three parts.

S.N. Topic Name Number of question
1 Child Development 15
2 Inclusive Education 5
3 Learning and Pedagogy 10

Child Development Distribution of Question:  

Topic Paper(I) 2018 Paper(II) 2018
Development and its relation to learning 4 2
Individual differences & Socialization processes 0 4
Language, Thinkers, and thought 3 3
Different Theories (Piaget, Kohlberg, ZPD, Multiple Intelligence) 4 4
NCF & Gender-Biased 2 0
Inclusive Education and progressive education 3 2
Assessment & CCE 2 0
Education Act Related question 0 1
Learning & Pedagogy 4 7
Conceptual and Practical question 5 3
Other Miscellaneous Question 3 4
Total 30 30

Tips to secure good marks in Child Development:

1. Practice Child development & Pedagogy Question:

There are many mock tests available online, try to attempt them as much as possible. The more you solve them, the more confident you will get. Must practice quizzes and mock test with the help of given below links.

2. Learn Important Theories:

Learn all the important learning theories, intelligence theories, development theories, Motivational theories. Try to revise all important theories as much as possible and also practice questions.

3. Practice Previous Year Question Papers:

Practice previous year question will play a very important role to qualify and also help to know the difficulty level of the exam. CTET repeats question often, so the practice of question paper gives you a fair idea about the paper pattern and importance of the topics.

4. Focus thinkers ideology & Theories:

In Child Development section, prepare thinkers thoughts and Theories because many questions ask from these topics. 

5. Attempt all the questions:

There is no negative marking in CTET exam for wrong answers. So try to attempt all question because it will help to gain more score. For selecting the most appropriate option for a question, use the elimination method. Read all the questions very carefully.

6. Focus on your weak Area of Study:

You should have to identify the area in which you are weak and require special enhancement in that area. You need to practice recent pattern-based question in your strong area.

7. Learn Basic Concept and Practice quizzes:

Initially, focus on the basic concepts of each important topic especially in child development & Mathematics. Try to solve Each subject quizzes on a regular basis and improve accuracy and performance in each test.

8. Make Habit to prepare short notes:

Once you start your preparation, try to prepare short notes for all important topics in each subject. These short notes will help you to revise the entire preparation in the last movement of the exam.

9. Read Important Books for CTET Exam:

Prepare at least one Important textbook for each subject in CTET Exam syllabus. You can practice from NCERT Books from Class 3rd to 8th.

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