Assam TET 2021 Preparation Tips: Complete Preparation Strategy for SSA Assam TET Exam

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Assam Teacher Eligibility Test 2021 Preparation tips: Assam TET 2021 is the eligibility test necessary for all aspirants who dream of becoming a teacher in the state. The preparation for this exam needs time and dedication. For best results, first, check out the syllabus and exam pattern for the Assam TET. For the best result and a great score, candidates need to attempt questions smartly and accurately. Let’s discuss some helpful tips and a great strategy to attempt Assam TET.


First, let us have a quick look at the critical points for Assam TET 2021.

Essential points for Assam TET 2021

  • Assam TET is conducted in an offline mode (pen and paper)
  • Questions are asked in MCQ form (multiple-choice questions) with four options. 
  • Exam duration will be of 4 hours for the PGT paper.
  • The candidate has to score a minimum of 60% marks in each part to qualify for Assam TET.
  • Assam TET consists of two papers – Paper I & II.
  • Paper-I will be standard for all candidates, and Paper-II will be subject-specific
  • Aspirants need to qualify both the paper individually.

Tips for Assam TET 2021

  • It would be best if aspirants familiarised you with the overall exam pattern of the Assam TET exam for which you are appearing.
  • The level of the exam may vary, but the preparation should always be to score 120+ marks.
  • Do not waste too much time on a single question. It would be better to skip it and move on to the next if you are puzzled about any questions.
  • Avoid random guessing in the exam. Presuming answers will make you lose your hard-earned score.
  • Stay calm and go through the question with a clear head. Do not freak out if you come across any problematic questions in the exam.

Exam Strategy for Assam TET 2021

1. A thorough understanding of Assam TET Syllabus 

  • Assam TET Paper-I includes Child Development & Pedagogy, Hindi, Urdu or Sanskrit or English, EVS, Mathematics.
  • Assam TET Paper-II includes Child Development & Pedagogy, Hindi, Urdu or Sanskrit or English, Social Studies, Mathematics & Science.

Click Here for Assam TET 2021 Detailed Syllabus

2. Plan a strategy and evaluate your performance level

  • Attempt one mock test or practice test of Assam TET exam 2021 and note down the following things:
  • The topics are exceptionally well at and getting good marks.
  • Topics in which you require more practice and are not very common. Give more time to those topics.

3. Manage your time efficiently

  • Time management will play an important role in attempting several questions. Devising a plan is the ideal way to prepare for anything.
  • Try not to waste even a single second on questions you are not sure about.
  • Maintain your time for the easy questions first to solve the questions later.

4. The focus should include weak areas 

  • You have to identify the area in which you are weak and require special enhancement in that area. 
  • Try to read & learn all fundamental concepts & start practice on your weak area.
  • In your strong area, you do not need to learn the basic concept only need to practice the questions.

3. Understand Assam TET exams passing marks for better preparation

  • Try to attempt all 150 questions because there is no negative marking in the Assam TET 2021.
  • Remember that the general category needs 90 out of 150 marks to qualify for the Assam TET exam.
  • There is no sectional cut off so do not be afraid of any subject.

Section-wise Tips for Assam TET 2021

Tips for the Child Pedagogy Section:

  • This section can be full of surprises for the aspirants by adding some a twist and turn.
  • So, you have cleared all the concepts and theories; you will surely score well.
  • In the Assam TET exam, 30 questions are asked from the Child development and pedagogy section.
  • Make handy notes of theories and revise them daily.
  • Revise previous year question papers as possible. Previous year questions will give you an idea as to what to expect in the exam.

Tips for the Language Section:

  • To score well in the language section, you have to extend your reading habits.
  • It is required to have proper grammar knowledge. It will help you attempt your grammar part, i.e., error correction, phrase replacement topics etc.
  • Learn all the vocabulary rules so that you can attempt vocabulary questions easily.
  • Practice questions of synonyms, antonyms, words substitutions, proverbs etc.

Tips for the Mathematical Section:

  • This section is scoring and comparatively easy for those who are good at quantitative aptitude.
  • Try to attempt easy questions based on topics like Number series, simplifications, LCM HCF etc.
  • Maintain your speed and accuracy. Solve questions thoroughly and duck trivial errors.

Tips for the Environmental Studies Section:

  • Concentrate on the content provided in the books of NCERT. Revise the topics daily.
  • The teaching methodology of Environment studies is of great importance. Read the questions related to approaches.
  • Topics like house, food, health and diseases are essential from the examination point of view, so try to attempt more quizzes on thee issues.
  • Be assured to read the topics of Indian geography and chapter summary of all the issues thoroughly.

Some Additional Tips to better appear in the Assam TET 2021

  • Careful analysis of the previous years’ question papers will show you that some questions from each of these subjects have appeared in more than one paper.
  • To begin with, candidates must go through the syllabus for the exam very carefully. It is good to take a printout of the syllabus from the official CTET site for ready reference. As the area to be covered is huge, you may have to go through the syllabus frequently to dodge diverging from the topics.
  • Mark out some major topics/questions by the repetition of their presence in previous year papers.
  • Candidates need a practice quiz of this section, and candidates need to practice from previous year questions.
  • The crucial topics of this section are-
    – Observation/Experiment/Discovery (Method of Science)
    – Approaches/Integrated Approach
    – Food & Nutrition
    – Text Material/Aids & Natural Science/Aims & objectives.

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Assam TET 2021 Preparation Tips: Complete Preparation Strategy for SSA Assam TET Exam

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