How to Prepare for UP TGT English Section?

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023

UP TGT Preparation Tips & Strategy for English: Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Service Selection Board (UPSESSB) conducts the UP TGT Exam for the aspirants who wish to take up teaching as their career profession. UP TGT Exam is conducted specifically for the positions of Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) and Postgraduate Teachers (PGT) across the schools in Uttar Pradesh. There are various sections in the exam, one of them is UP TGT English. Here we are sharing some of the most important tips and strategies for UP TGT English for the UP TGT 2023 exam, to help the candidates understand how to prepare for UP TGT English.

Strategy to Prepare English for UP TGT

As per the UP TGT Exam Pattern 2023, this year, 125 questions will be there in UP TGT English. This means it is pure English that can be cracked easily with little practice and strong basics. Some vital tricks to win the TGT English exam are given below:

1. Know the UP TGT English Syllabus

Understanding the syllabus gives the candidates a fair idea of the important topics that deserve maximum attention. As we specifically focus on the English segment of the UP TGT PGT Examination, the following are the topics you must prepare to score the desired marks:

  • Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Adverb
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Synonyms-Antonyms
  • Idioms & Phrases
  • Sentence Rearrangement
  • Articles
  • Error Correction

2. Make Handy Notes

Make handy notes of all the important grammatical rules, synonyms & antonyms, one-word substitution, idioms & phrases, and stick them on your study room’s wall. Have a look once or twice a day on these notes to avoid forgetting important vocab rules on D-Day. 

3. Refer to the Suggested Study Material

To excel in the UP TGT English exam, a candidate should read the English study material and the sample paper for the TGT English. One must go through the entire book at least 3-to 4 times before the exam. The reason behind this is that the questions and concepts in this study material resonate with questions you will face in the main exam.

4. Revise Regularly

Always make sure to read the questions at least 2-3 times to understand them better and get a clear image of what exactly you must do. A small misunderstanding can lead to a wrong answer.

5. Practice Previous Year Question Papers

Do practice the previous year’s actual question papers for this exam along with some mock tests available online and in many preparation books by Arihant and other publications. A candidate must take a couple of full UP TGT English mock tests every week to improve accuracy, and analyze and compare his/her performance compared to previous mocks. 

6. Make Your Schedule and Follow it

It is always good to follow an appropriate timetable so that you can cover all the topics equally and do not miss out on anything. Also, there should be time-bound for each subject. You should whole-heartedly dedicate your time to the preparation for the UP TGT Examination to score good marks.

7. Work on Your Weak Areas

Many topics in English will be tested in the exam, thus while preparing one should emphasize his/her weak areas in the subject and devote more time to such areas. Solve as many questions in these areas as possible to master your weak areas, and thus you can give less time to your strong areas.

8. Routine and Discipline

Create a study plan and follow it strictly until the exam to ace it. There should be a proper routine for individual subjects, and one should be disciplined enough to follow this schedule. There should be recreational breaks in between for you to not get exhausted. Get proper sleep, watch movies, play outside, and don’t just study for longer hours in one go.

Topic-wise English Syllabus

The key to scoring the highest in this section is to break every complex individual problem into simpler sub-units. And for the subject as a whole, break the syllabus into topics and focus individually on them. Here are some key areas in each topic based on the previous year’s question paper:

1. Comprehension

  • Read the passage swiftly, to get the central idea of the passage.
  • Start reading the questions. One may need to go back to the passage in search of an answer.

2. Ordering of sentences

  • Read the first line and last line. Many times the answer is hidden in one of these two lines.
  • Find some word that connects to one of the sentences given in the options. You have to find the continuity between given sentences.
  • As soon as you find one continuity, check that order sequence in the answer. Many times only one option suits the order sequence.

3. Sentence Improvement

  • It requires practice but very little as not asked frequently. So practice the questions from any solved book.
  • A grammatically distorted sentence is given. Replace the underlined portion with all the phrases in the options and read in one by one.
  • If a ‘new phrase’ is found more suitable, then choose that phrase otherwise choose ‘No improvement’.

4. Spotting Errors

  • In these questions, a sentence will be given broken into three underlined phrases, which constitute options a,b and c. The last option d is No error.
  • One has to check whether there is an error in one of these three phrases.
  • There may be an error in prepositions, subject-verb agreement, verbs, tenses, or basic grammar.

5. Synonyms/Antonyms

  • Nobody has an idea which word would appear in the exam, so do not memorize any word’s meaning.
  • Read English newspaper, take 4-5 words.
  • This is the only method to memorize new words.


You have learned all the concepts, practised questions in these topics, gave several mock tests, and did revisions before the exam. Now you’re all set to write the TGT exam but remember to stay calm and composed during the exam. Back yourself and first solve all the questions you are sure about. Do not fret in the examination hall if the paper seems complicated, remember that if it is difficult for you, then it is difficult for others as well. The bottom line is to be confident, trust yourself and attempt the paper with a relaxed mind.

BYJU’S Exam Prep wishes you a happy learning experience and best wishes for the exam!



How to Prepare for UP TGT English Section?

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