Number System Questions for CAT: Syllabus, Books and Download Number System CAT Questions PDF

By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : November 11th, 2022

Number System Questions for CAT mainly appear in the QA segment of the CAT. It is one of the most favourite section for all the aspirants as Number System CAT Questions only deals with basic mathematical calculations. So, you must do your best to prepare Number System Questions for CAT.

Each year, approximately 2-3 questions are asked from the Number System CAT Question. The topics mainly include in Number System for CAT are conceptual puzzles, as the authority wants to test candidates thinking abilities. However, this section is difficult to cover due to its vastness both in terms of concepts and solving methods. Thereby, the candidates must understand the syllabus, topics asked, and kinds of questions related to the Number System for CAT. In this article, BYJU'S Exam Prep experts have mentioned all the details related to the Number System Questions for CAT to help the candidates in their preparation.

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What is CAT Number System?

In general, the Number System deals with mathematical notation for representing numbers given in a set by using digits or symbols in a consistent manner. CAT Number System is an important topic, and the candidates must practice them so that they ace this topic. As per the expert analysis of previous years' CAT Exam, the Number System Questions for CAT are a little tricky but completely based on basic mathematical calculations.

The Number System Questions for CAT consist of a large number of sub-topics such as LCM, HCF, Factorial, etc. The number of Questions on the Number System is quite less compared to the other topics in the Quantitative Aptitude section. The candidates need to practice them well to ace these Number System CAT Questions.

Number System Questions for CAT - Topics

The Number System CAT Questions broadly examine the following topics. Go through the detailed CAT Syllabus to understand the topics from which the majority of questions are asked. Given below is the list of topics included in the Number System Questions for CAT:

  • Factors and factorizations
  • HCF and LCM
  • Unit digits and last two digits
  • Remainders and divisibility rules
  • Base system
  • Numbers and their properties
  • Divisibility Rules
  • Finding Units Place and Tens Place of a Number
  • Cyclicity
  • Indices and Surds

The Number System Questions for CAT topics deal with the elementary knowledge of numbers along with some essential concepts. The aspirants must do regular practice for conceptual clarity to solve this section in the upcoming exam. The above-given topics of Number System CAT Questions, if practised thoroughly by the candidates, can easily solve CAT Questions on Number System. CAT Exam authority does not release the official syllabus. BYJU'S Exam Prep Expert curates the above-mentioned topics by analyzing the CAT Question Paper.

Number System for CAT PDF

The candidates can download the PDF file for Number System Questions for CAT to practice it in an offline mode. Click on the link below and download it to your device.

Download number System CAT Questions PDF

Practice Number System Questions for CAT

The candidates must be aware of the Number System CAT Questions with all the details. In order to make the candidates acquainted with the type of Number System Questions for CAT, we have provided some examples below.

Question 1: How many three-digit numbers are greater than 100 and increase by 198 when the three digits are arranged in reverse order?


Explanation: Let the numbers be of the form 100a+10b+c, where a, b, and c represent single digits. Then (100c+10b+a)-(100a+10b+c)=198 99c-99a=198 c-a = 2. Now, a can take the values 1-7. a cannot be zero as the initial number has 3 digits and cannot be 8 or 9 as then c would not be a single-digit number. Thus, there can be 7 cases. B can take the value of any digit from 0-9, as it does not affect the answer. Hence, the total cases will be 7*10=70.

Question 2: If 'x' is a whole number and 'y' is also a whole number. Then, (x + y)(x + y) is a

Answer: Whole Number

Explanation: Let us take x = 2 and y = 0

Then, (x + y)(x + y) = (2 + 0)(2 + 0) = 4

We can take multiple values, and we will get that (x + y)(x + y) will be a whole number.

Question 3: P is a prime number, and (p2 + 3) is also a prime number. The number of all such possible p's is

Answer: 1

Only one value of p can assume, which is 2 at P=2, P2 + 3 =7, which is also a prime number,

while all other P's are odd numbers, and hence their square is also an odd number. On adding 3, it will convert into an even number. But an even number except 2 is not a prime number.

P2 + 3 = an even number that can't be a prime number.

Question 4: a and b are irrational numbers such that a + b = q is a rational number, then a – b is

Answer: Always Irrational


Given a and b are irrational numbers.

And, a + b = q

Then, we know that

a2 – b2 = (a + b)(a – b)

=a-b = (a2 b2)/(a=b) = (a2 - b2)/q

The above term will always be irrational

Best Books to Prepare Number System Questions for CAT

In order to ace the Number System CAT Questions, candidates are advised to refer to the best study material for best CAT Preparation.



Quantitative Aptitude For CAT


Quantitative Aptitude For CAT

Arun Sharma

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Important Notes to Solve CAT Number System Questions

The aspirants preparing for the exam must always focus on building concepts and solving problems in a simple manner. The topics related to Number System Questions for CAT are so vast that practising more and more is highly recommended. Considering the Number System CAT Questions Syllabus, the following are some important tips & tricks that the aspirants can follow during preparation.

Applying shortcuts is highly recommended while solving the Number System Questions for CAT. It helps the aspirants to solve the questions quickly and accurately without expanding the length of the calculations.

  • A number's digital sum is the sum of its digits until it becomes a single-digit number. For example, the digital sum of 567 will be calculated as 5+6+7=18, then 1+8= 9, the answer is 9.
  • The product of n consecutive natural numbers will always be divisible by n!
  • The sum of the first n natural numbers is n(n+1) / 2
  • The sum of the cubes of first n natural numbers = [ n (n+1) /2 ]
  • The sum of a two-digit number and a number produced by reversing both digits is always divisible by 11
  • The product of three consecutive natural numbers, in which a first number is an even number, will always be divisible by 24.

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How to Prepare for Number System CAT Questions?

The Number System Questions for CAT are considered an important topic, and it is needed to be practised well. To solve the problems of the number system, certain tips and tricks need to be followed. The candidates can follow the tips and tricks given below to solve Number System for CAT.

  • The Number System Questions for CAT consists of a lot of concepts and formulas. If these are followed thoroughly the candidates will be able to solve the Number System CAT Question with ease.
  • A lot of practice should be done to solve Number System Questions for CAT on the exam date.
  • Attempt BYJU'S Exam Prep Mock Tests to practice these questions in an exam-like environment.
  • Candidates should follow shortcut tips and tricks to solve Number System Questions for CAT in an easy manner.

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FAQs on CAT Number System Questions

  • The  Number System Questions for CAT are a common topic that can not be overlooked during the preparation. Generally, 1-2 questions can be expected from this topic. Candidates should practice well and must be well-versed with all the important topics for the CAT Questions on Number System.

  • The difficulty level of the quantitative aptitude section in the CAT 2022 exam was easy-moderate. However, Number System CAT Questions are generally of moderate difficulty level. Though, the difficulty level varies across all slots of the exam.

  • The topics included under the Number System Questions for CAT are given below:

    • LCM & HCF
    • Divisibility Rules
    • Base Change
    • Finding Units Place and Tens Place of a Number
    • Cyclicity
    • Remainders
    • Prime Factorization
    • Factorials
    • Indices and Surds
  • The number of CAT Questions on Number System is very less, but this chapter can not be neglected at all. The candidates should go through the basic concepts and formulas to solve these questions easily and accurately.

  • If the candidates have basic clarity in mathematics, then it is not impossible for them to prepare Number System Questions for CAT in 2 months. They only need to practice a lot so that their speed and accuracy can be maintained.

  • The candidates can follow the below books to prepare Number System for CAT.

    • Quantitative Aptitude For CAT by Pearson
    • Quantitative Aptitude For CAT by Arun Sharma
    • NCERT Books of class 8-10

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