MP Police SI Preparation Tips 2021: Subjectwise Expert Tips

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: January 2nd, 2024
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MP Police SI Preparation Strategy

The candidates preparing for the MP Police SI exam 2021 are advised to create and follow an effective SI preparation strategy. You will require good MP SI exam books and a profound study plan that will help you learn and perform to the best of your capabilities.

Our exam experts have prepared a list of simple yet effective MP Police SI Preparation Tips 2021 to help you make the best of your time. Below you will find Subject-wise exam preparation strategies to help you focus better, boost your preparation and perform well. 

MP Police SI Exam Study Plan Tips: Expert’s Take

Even before beginning to prepare, you need to create a personalised study plan that works best for you. Some general yet best preparation tips for MP Police SI Exam developed by our subject experts have been laid down below to help you create an efficient study plan to help you make the best of your time and ace the exam. 

  • Focus on Syllabus: Download and save the MP Police SI Syllabus 2021 from the MP Police SI official website or BYJU’S Exam Prep’s website and app. Get familiar with the same. Use it while preparing for the exam. Double-check if you are covering all the topics mentioned in the syllabus.

Check detailed MP SI exam pattern 

  • Set a Routine: A daily routine must be followed for the best results. A minimum of 4-5 hours a day must be set aside for only preparation. Divide your focus well during these hours.
  • Take quick breaks: Do not forget to take breaks between long sessions of preparation. Refresh your body and mind with music or meditation for short durations of 5-10 mins after every 2 hours.
  • Revision is a Must: Ensure a decent duration for revision every day. Every new week must start with a recapitulation of what you already had covered last week.
  • Write Journals: Write and maintain your journals for each subject. This will help you reflect on what you already have covered in your own understanding.

Previous Year Question Paper Practicing: Practice MP SI previous year question papers and various mock tests for at least 2 hours every day. This will ensure that you get accustomed to the exam pattern and the exam environment.

MP Police SI Preparation Tips for Paper 1

Candidates applying for technical posts must note the Maximum marks for each subject of Paper 1 and plan their preparation accordingly. Below is the marking distribution for Paper 1 and Subject-wise MP Police SI preparation tips Paper 1. This will keep you working in the correct direction-

Paper 1 Mark Distribution:

  • Mathematics: 33 Marks
  • Physics: 33 Marks
  • Chemistry: 34 Marks

Candidates are required to prepare a distinct study strategy for each subject based on various factors such as the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, speed, etc. Our subjects experts have come up with a comprehensive list of MP Police SI Preparation Tips 2021 for each subject given below. These tips will help you sail through the exam smoothly.

MP Police SI Preparation Tips for Mathematics

  1. Know your weak areas and invest more time on those topics.
  2. Familiarise yourself with basic maths formulas. Practice them regularly.
  3. Do develop high problem-solving speed. For this practice every day.
  4. Practice previous year question papers, mock tests regularly 
  5. Learn a few shortcuts & tricks that may help you save time while on a timed test.
  6. Ensure you cover all topics from the syllabus.

MP Police SI Preparation Tips for Physics

  1. Take careful notes for each chapter, then review them shortly after.
  2. Regularly combine resource materials and textbook notes so, when you are preparing and revising for an exam, you have one comprehensive set of notes to work with.
  3. 15-minute short numerical practice every day is a good practice
  4. Ensure you cover the full syllabus.

MP Police SI Preparation Tips for Chemistry

  1. Basics of class 6, 7, 8 general science must be read first from the NCERT books.
  2. Writing notes on newly learned concepts on a daily basis is a good idea.
  3. Foundation topics like the structure of an atom, periodic elements, and chemical equations based on the syllabus of Class 9 and 10th should be learned and revised from NCERT Books.
  4. Cover all corners of the syllabus
  5. Practice mock tests every day.
  6. Clarify doubts immediately.

MP Police SI Preparation Tips for Paper 2

Candidates applying for non-technical posts must note the maximum marks for each subject for Paper 2 and plan their preparation accordingly. Below is the mark distribution for Paper 2 and Subject-wise MP SI preparation tips Paper 2 to help you clear MP Police SI exam 2021.

Paper 2 Mark Distribution:

    • English: 30 Marks
    • Hindi: 70 marks
  • General Knowledge: 100 Marks

All subjects need a different approach. Below given MP SI Preparation Tips 2021 for every subject prepared by BYJU’S Exam Prep’s subject experts will help you make a more focused approach towards each subject and enhance your preparation level. 

MP Police SI Preparation Tips for English

  • For improving English vocabulary, one must make a habit of reading newspapers and magazines daily. 
  • Make a note of new words that you come across and use a dictionary to check meanings.
  • Use the new words in daily conversation with your friends and family to remember those.
  • Set a time for practising fact-based, unseen & story comprehension passages.
  • Refer to Popular English grammar books to brush up on your grammar skills.
  • Practice solving various previous year question papers and model test papers mapping to different levels of difficulty.
  • Cover important question types such as phrases and Idioms, antonyms and synonyms, spotting of errors etc. 

MP Police SI Preparation Tips for Hindi

  • Work on basic Hindi grammar first. Refer to popular Hindi grammar books to brush up on your grammar skills.
  • Enhance your Hindi literature skills by reading NCERT course books which contain stories, biographies, poems. 
  • Use general Hindi Videos to enhance your comprehension level in a short duration.
  • There is no negative marking for General Hindi. You must practice attempting maximum questions in the given period.
  • Cover important question types such as phrases and Idioms, antonyms and synonyms, spotting of errors etc. 

MP Police SI Preparation Tips for General Awareness

  • Read the Civics/Political Science school textbooks, which are a great deal of help in mastering Constitution and Indian Polity, a major area for legal knowledge questions.
  • Focus on Indian GK and make notes on Madhya Pradesh state general awareness through mock papers.
  • Use verbal, non-verbal and reasoning books, including a wide variety of reasoning questions such as logical sequences, analogies, etc. More questions should be prepared from number series, alphanumeric series, blood relation, odd one out, and visual reasoning. 
  • You must practice previous year’s question papers, sample papers, and model papers to strengthen your conceptual foundation. Remember, You need to score 50% or more to qualify for each section.
  • Read newspapers, news magazines, watch news channels to keep yourself up to date with all the current affairs.
  • Refer to good GK Books to improve your general knowledge

MP Police SI Exam

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